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In today’s market, homes are flying off the market faster than ever. While there was once a time where it wasn’t uncommon for homes to sit on the market for a month, sometimes six weeks at a time, today, I routinely start getting offers on a property that I have listed in a week or two. However, even with homes moving quickly, it’s still a hassle to sell a property. Not only do you have to get the home in the kind of condition that attracts buyers, but you also have to make sure that you’re not home when a buyer wants to come and view the property. There’s paperwork, inspections, appraisals, and any other number of obstacles that have to be dealt with.

That hassle is why companies like Redfin, Zillow Offer, and any number of other companies have started swooping in and offering fast closings, cash prices, and other benefits to sellers. However, if you’re selling a home, it’s important to understand how those transactions work. While a company like Zillow may tell you that they’re going to offer you cash for your home, they’re not going to offer you full market value. Instead, they’re going to offer you cash at a largely discounted rate so they can turn around and sell the home for more than they paid for it. 

Zillow Offers, Redfin, and other cash-buying companies are not interested in buying your home to live in it. It’s an investment that they’re looking to flip for a profit. Sure, you can take their offer and save yourself the time that it takes to list and sell a property, but you’re going to give up a lot of money. Not only that, since homes are moving so quickly off the market, there’s not really many benefits to selling your home to one of those companies.

That’s why I’ve created a strategy that helps you sell your home in only two days. That’s right, I believe that I can list your home and get you a good offer on it in a single weekend. I’ll admit, part of the reason for my two-day strategy has very little to do with me. Instead, it’s because the real estate market in the greater San Francisco Bay area is so hot right now. Homes in our area are in high demand as the population continues to increase. However, a hot market doesn’t guarantee a home sale. That’s where my two-day selling strategy comes into play.

How Can I Sell Your Home in 2 Days?!

To make a long story short, I can get a good offer on your home in only two days because I create a sense of urgency among buyers. If a buyer believes that a home is going to be on the market two or three months down the road, there’s absolutely no need for them to rush in with a competitive offer. However, when you have an agent in your corner who understands the intricacies of the low housing inventory that we’re currently dealing with, you can get a good offer on your home. 

There simply aren’t a lot of homes for sale right now in the Bay Area. Real estate, like every other industry operates on the laws of supply and demand. Since the supply is currently low, and the demand is high, as a seller, you’re already operating with an advantage.

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Essentially, when I list your property, I’m going to list it with an announcement that we’re only going to show the home for two days. We will pick a Saturday and Sunday that works for you and tell the potential buyers that it is their only chance to view the home. This creates an automatic sense of urgency among all the potential buyers. What happens when a bunch of buyers pour into your home on the same weekend? That sense of urgency turns into a sense of competition. There will be some moments where multiple buyers are viewing your home at the same time. When one potential buyer sees another potential buyer looking at a home, he or she is automatically more likely to put in a good offer.

This also helps remove the risk of low-ball offers. No one is going to make a bad offer on a home that they think 20 other people are interested in buying. It also opens you up to get cash offers. What happens when cash buyers are competing with buyers who are getting financing? They start offering more. This leads to a bidding war between multiple buyers. It also makes it more likely that buyers will release the contingencies that they may put in place.

If you’re interested in selling your home in two days, contact me today! I will put together a marketing plan that puts you in a position to get a great offer on your home without having to give a discount to the companies who are going to sell your home for more.

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