Boutique Hotel coming to Lower Pacific

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This one is almost like a clipping from News of the Weird:

[From – Local] SANTA CRUZ — A new boutique hotel is one of the first steps in an effort to revive a crime-riddled Santa Cruz neighborhood within walking distance of the beach and downtown.

Now that they mention it, doesn’t it seem strange how that part of “lower Pacfiic” is so crappy? It should be prime real estate, and instead, it is, as the article says, and area where “Most of the existing businesses relate to auto sales and repairs, and nearby bars attract a seedier crowd.” The site of this new hotel is described as “covered in 6-foot-tall weeds and surrounded by a chain-link fence topped with barbed wire. It is across the street from a used car lot.”

Well, kudos to whoever it is who has the chutzpah to build a hotel there. Maybe they’re right. It’s the whole “Build it and they will come” idea. Build this hotel, and suddenly gradually the used car lots and and car repair shops will convert into family-friendly eateries and tourist-class shopping.

When you think about it, there is definitely a lack of quality visitor accommodation in the downtown/boardwalk area. This might explain why so many people from “over the hill” come for just a day, and leave around sunset, taking their sought-after dollars with them.

I hope the city of Santa Cruz manages to capitalize on the investment these folks are making, and comes up with some dollars of its own for a little urban renewal in that area.

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