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Wow, it has been eight days since my last blog post!  Shame on me, no doughnut!  Sorry about that folks, I do try to post 2-3 times per week normally, but time has just gotten away from me of late!  I’ve been so busy…

Hold on, hold on – busy?  How can I be so busy when the market is so slow?  In May, we experienced a five year low in home sales – why am I so busy?  I’m glad you asked!  Well, when times get tough, the tough get going, right?  I’m busy, alright – busy stirring up business!  Because indeed, it is true – things are slow, comparatively speaking.

A couple of days ago, I saw our representative from First American Title Company.  She was not quite her normal perky self.  It turns out, escrows are down over at FATCO – and they’ve got like 60% of the county’s escrow business, or so they claim.  “How down?” I asked.  “Well, I don’t have the exact number for you, and of course there’s re-fi escrows, and purchase escrows…”  I said, “Well, not counting re-fi escrows, just sales, what are we talking?  30%?”  Again she demurred:  “Really, I don’t have the numbers.  But it’s down.  A lot.”  I could follow up with her and get those numbers, but I don’t really need to – I get the picture.

But there’s more writing on the wall!  At my office, we have just begun a “Buyer Cash Back” program.  Between now and…uh, Labor Day Weekend, something like that – if you purchase a house or condo using a Thunderbird Real Estate Agent, we will give you $1,000 cash back at close to use for paying your closing costs.  Of course, that’s just a fraction of what your closing costs are likely to be – but still, it’s $1,000 you wouldn’t otherwise have in your pocket, and that’ll go a long way towards keeping your lights on.

My broker keeps exhorting us to let everyone know about this deal – consider yourself warned!  Technically to get the $1,000 you need to bring in the ad from the newspaper, but if you just print this blog entry, I’ll give you the $1,000 anyway.  🙂

Looking forward to buying some property with you!  And yeah, I’m busy – but never too busy for you!

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