Coffee at the Perg

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One of the great things about being a Realtor is that you get to meet many interesting people. A couple of days ago I set an appointment to meet a man at Caffe Pergolesi. We’d been in communication for several months about the real estate market – somewhere down the road, he’d like to buy a home here in Santa Cruz.

This guy has done a lot in his life. I’m still not quite sure about what he does, exactly – some kind of engineer, and worked on a variety of diverse projects. Now, he’s taking a break from all of that and he’s pursuing a PhD at UC Santa Cruz.

While he’s working on his PhD, though, he is looking for contract jobs. You can check out his resume on line. If you’re looking to hire a engineering wünderguy, give his portfolio a look! You might want to take a look, anyway – he’s living proof that Santa Cruz has become, in fact, a diverse community; it’s not just for surfers and hippies anymore. 🙂

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