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Fog Inquiry: Wandering Seminar by Artist Collective Futurefarmers

February 28 - February 29

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Founded in 1995 by Amy Franceschini, Futurefarmers is an international collective of artists and diverse practitioners. Their critically acclaimed, socially engaged, and site specific projects take place in and around art institutions, universities, sailing vessels, farmlands, kitchens, and other community settings. For Fog Inquiry: Wandering Seminar, Futurefarmers has created a series of thematic gatherings with collaborators including including feminist theorist Karen Barad, cosmologist Alexei Leauthaud, eco-sexual artists Annie Sprinkle and Elizabeth Stephens, atmospheric chemist Peter Weiss, theater director Marianne Weems, artist Tristan Duke, and other artists and thinkers. The regional atmospheric phenomena of fog that can pervade the campus serves as the theme for these gatherings, with an emphasis on seeing, sensing, and knowing within uncertain and misty conditions. In the current hazy socio-political climate, Wandering Seminar intends to trouble the atmospheric conditions impacting knowledge production.