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Summer Sidewalk Sale

Downtown Los Altos Los Altos

Ten days of sidewalk sales (August 7-16) throughout Downtown Los Altos. Come check out the bargains and specials as the businesses of Downtown Los Altos bring their stores out into the sunshine.

Money Talks 2: Investing Your Money During & Post COVID-19 Era

Women in Tech Forum Presents: Money Talks 2: Investing Your Money During & Post COVID-19 Era Virtually every part of our lives has been affected by the COVID-19 pandemic, including the economy. While we cannot control a market that is volatile, we can control our personal finances – adjusting spending or simply being more mindful during these precarious times. While women need to stabilize ourselves and our financial situation at the moment, we must also focus on our future financial picture – post COVID-19. The U.S. economy has rebounded from many recessions and will certainly rebound from this one. Improving our financial intelligence, including investing wisely will be key in getting through our current crisis, and prepare us for any future economic downturn. In our 2nd program of our Women & Money series, we will have a follow up conversation with Allison Kvidstad, CFP® Financial Advisor at Ellevest who will do a deep dive into: What is the economic & market outlook? How do you get started in investing? What types of investing should you know about before you begin? Are coin offerings & cryptocurrency risky business? How much reserve cash should you have before considering investing? How do you pick an advisor that aligns with your goals? What about investing apps? Allison will provide you with tips, resources, and advice on investing your money during a time of crisis. We will open up the discussion for Q&A from the audience, so bring your questions! MEET OUR INTERVIEWER Debra Brackeen — Chief Strategy & Innovation Office, ... Read More

Calling BS: How to Spot Data Misinformation with Professor Jevin West

Learn how to spot misinformation. Professor, information scientist and author, Jevin West, teaches us to call BS on bad data. Making sense of data has never been more important. “Big data” in healthcare, education and the economy influences policies that affect billions. The problem? Most of us are woefully unprepared to spot accurate information amid the flood of misinformation and propaganda shared on channels like social media. University of Washington professors Carl Bergstrom and Jevin West, authors of Calling Bullshit: The Art of Skepticism in a Data-Driven World, have made it their mission to help us assess data, separate the accurate from the bogus, and fight back with effective analysis and argument. In this webinar with Jevin West and KQED, you’ll learn to spot misinformation in charts, graphs and other data visualization, and hear about West’s work with students to navigate our data-driven world. SpeakersJevin West, associate professor in the Information School at the University of Washington (UW), director of the UW's Center for an Informed Public and co-director of the DataLab. Rachel Roberson, KQED Program Manager, Humanities Professional LearningIlana Somasunderam, KQED Program Manager, STEM Professional Learning

ONLINE: Learning Pod Resources for Preschool – 5th grade (For Adults ONLY)

We will share resources that support parents doing learning pods/pandemic pods for the upcoming school year for preschoolers-5th grade. Many parents are considering putting their school age children in “learning pods” or “pandemic pods” due to COVID-19. We will share resources that will help in creating lesson plans and curriculum based around supporting homeschooling or learning pods targeting school-age children in preschool through 5th grade. Great websites Hottest books and workbooks that support learning podsLesson plan resources Apps and tech that support pods/homeschooling For Adults ONLYEventbrite registration is required. Registration will end on Tuesday, August 11 at 12 pm. Participants who have registered will be given access credentials on August 11 by 3 pm.