Who’s Awake When You’re Asleep? (Virtual)

21600 Big Basin Way Boulder Creek

Learn about all the amazing ways that animals survive at night! This interactive program will be broadcast as a Zoom webinar. Registration is required. To register, visit www.tinyurl.com/SantaCruzJuniorRangers. Free event. Local California State Parks in Santa Cruz County are offering virtual junior ranger programs for 7 to 12 year old children during the COVID-19 pandemic. These fun, free Zoom webinars are scheduled Friday through Monday at 10am each week in August. Children receive a digital stamp for each program they attend; after receiving a certain number of stamps, they can earn prizes!

The Art & Philosophy of Pinball

Join a surprising conversation about what makes pinball more than just a game. Did you know that pinball didn’t have flippers until 1948 or that six years earlier, the mayor of New York bashed machines in the street with a sledgehammer, leading to a successful campaign to outlaw the game...until 1976!?! Throughout its complicated and fascinating history, pinball has evolved from an emerging threat to a retro relic in the eyes of outsiders, but take a closer look and you'll find (from backglass to bumpers) that the pinball cabinet contains multitudes. We’ll be joined live from the Pacific Pinball Museum by program manager Christopher Rummell and founder Michael Schiess for a sneak peek at their new exhibit, and a fun and surprising conversation about the aspects of pinball that make it so much more than just a game.