Seeds of Our Future 2020

Is AgTech at the dawn of a planet-saving revolution? Technology has undoubtedly reinvented agriculture in recent decades, greatly increasing the efficiency of farmland and allowing growers to provide food at a low cost to billions. Agtech as we know it uses the farm as the starting point and improves from there. However, emerging companies are calling for a reinvention of our food systems, with sustainability at its core, is local, regenerative and healthy. But, can it scale? Which avenue will lead to the long-term sustainability of our planet? What does the earth need from growers in order to survive? Do we continue reiterating current systems to increase efficiency, or develop this new way of thinking about the sources of our food? Which one of these two is the way forward to feed 10 billion people while promoting sustainability? The 2020 Seeds of Our Future summit and immersion program will provide a platform for thinking about the future of agtech – and the role that technology will play in the years to come in building agricultural systems that will help the planet survive. Topics include: • Agtech, reinvented: Big Ag’s New Focus on Sustainability • Hyperlocalized solutions – can it scale? • Cell Meat: What is the timeline to widespread market adoption? • Are technologists building agtech for efficiency or sustainability? • Indoor Farming: What is it good for? Early bird tickets are on sale until May 21st - sign up early and save!

Agtech Startups in the Time of COVID-19

Agtech Startups in the Time of COVID-19 A Seeds of Our Future Virtual EventThe events of the past few months have turned the startup world on its head. As venture capitalists shift their efforts to supporting their portfolio companies during these challenging times, funds are signaling a pullback in funding and we have seen a significant decrease in valuations. The ability of agtech startups to weather the storm depends in part on grower’s willingness to continue investing in technology; given the restrictions in movement and social distancing guidelines, startups could also provide solutions to come of the largest challenges in our food systems today. How have agtech investors responded to current events? Where are startups thriving? How can agtech startups position themselves for the coming “new normal”?MODERATOR: Amy Wu — Founder, From Farms to IncubatorsDISCUSSANTS:Miku Jha — Founder and CEO, AgshiftJason Aramburu — Investor, Saudi Aramco Energy Ventures

Preview Screening: Harbor From The Holocaust and Discussion

Preview Screening: Harbor From The Holocaust and Discussion Join KQED, PBS affiliate stations, and community partners for a screening of Harbor from the Holocaust, a film depicting the flight of nearly 20,000 Jewish refugees from Nazi-occupied Europe to the Chinese port city of Shanghai during World War II. Take a deeper look into the acculturation of a new society through an intimate look at survivors’ families, their shared recipes, and historical context for the resettlement of Jewish communities during the Holocaust.