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Well you know it’s 2006 when even here in quaint, out-of-the-way Santa Cruz County there’s a Realtor whose web site has an RSS Feed of property listings! As I mentioned in an earlier entry, I have added a Featured Santa Cruz Real Estate Listings section to the site. Yesterday, I sent out an e-mail to my clients telling them about this kewl blog and how reading it’ll change their lives in limitless unforseen ways…and I also mentioned that getting an RSS News Reader is a great way to read a blog or other RSS/Atom feeds…and then I remembered hearing about how some Realtors (none of them, apparently, in Santa Cruz!) have begun marketing properties via RSS Feeds on their web sites…

And, you know, it ocurred to me: hey, I can do that – I’m an e-PRO for heaven’s sake! Oh, sure – your average e-PRO probably has no clue what an RSS News Feed is – it’s not something they covered in class! But I’m the e-PRO’s e-PRO, so I got to tinkering around this morning, and…! Voila! RSS = “Really Simple Syndication” and it turns out that it is, in fact, really simple! Now I have my listings showing up in my RSS News Reader and I couldn’t be happier!

OK so it’s not the world’s most complete set of listings. It pales in comparison to the MLS, so why bother? Because these listings, my friends…these listings are featured listings. Why wade through the hundreds – maybe thousands – of MLS listings to find the gems? That’s what I’m here for! I’ll find some great listings to feature…those listings where, when I see them, I draw my breath and say, “Wow check THIS place out!”

Of course, there’s no accounting for taste! You may look at one of these listings and wonder, “What’s so darn special about this??”. If that ever happens (and I’m sure it will!) I invite you to contact me and ask what makes the property a winner! You might be glad you did!

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