Happy Thanksgiving!

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Hi folks! It’s Monday after Thanksgiving Day weekend, I hope that everyone enjoyed themselves, connected with friends and family, and didn’t over-indulge!

We are now entering something of a quiet period in the real estate market…the holiday season is the quietest time of year. It’s not a great time to have a property for sale, since people are focused on shopping, parties, travel to visit family, etc. –

However, this is a GREAT time to buy a property! While everyone else has their eye off the ball, an astute buyer can make a great purchase, without a lot of other buyers getting in the way!

While you are surfing the internet, looking at properties – if you see anything of interest, don’t wait! This may be the best time to buy, of all times of year! Also, days are shortest and the daylight the weakest…if you are someone to whom light is important, now is a great time to see property, so you can evaulate homes in their “darkest hour.”

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