How to Effectively Leverage Technology When Selling Real Estate

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The real estate industry has always been a very human one. Successful REALTORS must gain an understanding of people to make their real estate dreams come true. It’s the sort of business that perhaps doesn’t appear to lend itself to technology – the combination of a firm handshake, an understanding ear and honest, bespoke advice is difficult to create out of zeroes and ones.

But while the real estate industry isn’t one that is a slave to technology, it can certainly be enhanced by it. Modern tech can make the process of matching property with a buyer and make it even more human than it already is, by providing insights and avenues that improve the quality of the realtor/buyer connection.

How can you leverage technology when selling real estate? Let’s take a look at four of the most effective ways.

1. Be everywhere on social media

Social media is proving to be an incredibly valuable tool for REALTORS. A visual medium designed to facilitate connections, the likes of Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram are right in the sweet spot of real estate professionals.

The value of social media will entirely depend on how well you use it. There are several mistakes that many realtors make, and some opportunities that tend to be missed. To maximize the effectiveness of social media:

  • Know your niche and talk specifically to that audience. Give them a reason to follow you by offering value – post tips and tricks, share helpful articles, and give them a reason to laugh every once in a while.
  • Don’t limit yourself to sales talk – take the opportunity to share a little about yourself and have a bit of fun. People buy from people, so make yourself relatable.
  • At the same time, make it more about them than it is about you. Your audience can go to Netflix when they need entertainment. They’re coming to you to (hopefully) buy real estate, and they’ll be looking for a realtor who understands them.

Wanting a unique way to make yourself more accessible? Why not take some inspiration from Seb, and start a podcast?

2.Leveraging partnerships through technology

It’s essential to always be on the lookout for unique ways to leverage partnerships, and technology can provide a means to do just that.

One unique example can be found far away, in Australia’s new home building sector. Lotmix is a platform that sees builders and land developers working together to ensure interested leads can quickly and easily browse products, allowing them to match the best home with the best available plot. They also provide a wealth of resources and materials designed to make the process simpler and more fun for buyers. This kind of collaboration allows for new lead generation and a far better experience for potential buyers.

It’s worth noting this kind of mutual collaboration can be exercised in established real estate as well, by thinking out the square there are many partnerships a realtor can develop and leverage for shared outcomes.

3.Automating and gaining insights

Are you leveraging tech to work smarter? Automation and business intelligence technology are changing the real estate game, allowing realtors to identify, track, store, manage, and convert leads. The likes of Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics, or Pipedrive take care of the grunt-work, allowing a realtor to spend time on the more human aspects of the job.

CRMs are just the start. There are smart tools that can make almost every aspect of realty life more comfortable, including:

4. Making yourself accessible with video

In these isolated times, the real estate industry’s reliance on face-to-face communication has been laid bare. With in-person walk-throughs and meetings banned in most areas, COVID-19 could well have sounded the death knell for many realtors had it hit a decade or two ago. Thankfully it came in 2020, at a time when video tools were booming.

Give followers property walk-throughs with Facebook Live. Offer video consultations through Zoom. Ensure that despite the restrictions, you remain as accessible as ever, perhaps even more so, as a potential buyer won’t also have to leave their lounge room (or even put on pants!) to see your pretty face.

Robots and AI will never replace REALTORS. It’s an industry that rewards those with the most exceptional ability to humanize and empathize. But rather than seeing technology as the enemy, forward-thinking real estate professionals will recognize how modern tech can enhance the humanity of their offering, rather than detract from it. They’ll leverage the increased connectedness that this tech brings and use it to improve the experience for their customers.

And they’ll sell more homes because of it.

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