It’s a Swing Thing

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Ahh. It’s Monday, and it’s a holiday. It’s already 8:49 AM, and my phone hasn’t rung once so far today. I’m sipping a cup o’ Joe, reading my blogs, while I ease into my day. I stumbled upon a cool animated graphic, courtesy of CNN Money/Fortune, which I think many of you will find of interest:

50 Years of Market Swings

It’s a Flash animation, and there is no accompanying article, so it makes for an easy read. It’s interesting to see how most of the steep market declines we’ve seen over the past 50 years have been relatively short. It’s also interesting to see how prices just keep rising over the long term.

Of course, the debate is still open as to if Real Estate is a better or worse investment than the stock market – how much of the price rise shown in the chart is due to inflation, etc.? I’ll leave that to you and your financial planner to discuss, but if the answer comes out that buying a house is an OK thing to do in a down market, with an upside looming around the corner, I’ll be here.

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