A Few Words...

As I spent the hours putting this together, it occured to me: this will probably be dull-as-dust for lots of folks. You know; pictures of people you've never met and probably never will, ordinary street scenese from cities you may never have thought to visit, that kind of thing. And of course, the whole time you'll be subjected to my "witty" remarks. :-)

Still, though - there are lot sof interesting images. They all come in three sizes: small thumbnails, medium-sized images for better viewing, and very large resolution images (the originals) that will show greater detail. All of these pictures were taken with an Olympus C-3030 3.3 megapixel digital camera. I bought it a couple of weeks before the trip, and it performed very well throughout.

And speaking of all digital imagery, I'd like to thank Bryan Green for loaning me four SmartMedia cartridges - the "film" for the camera. Those things are expensive, and he was kind enough to entrust me to a whole 64 megabyes worth of them. Thanks, Bryan.

I'd also like to thank my Uncle for doing such a great job putting the itinerary together. Without all his hard work, it's very doubtful this trip ever would have come off. Thanks, O.T.!

Oh yes...and for you geeks out there, I thought I'd let you know: I am hosting these pages from my house. Everything you see is being served off my iMac DV, running MacOS X Public Beta, using the Apache web server. It's streaming out to you over my DSL line, at a maximum rate of 384 Kbps. I would have served it off my dual-processor Pentium II box running Windows 2000 Professional...but the built-in web server only allows a maximum of 10 simultaneous client connections! Is that bogus, or what? Microsoft Sucks!

OK, now having said all that...on with the show.