Big bad Moscow! We took night train from St. Petersburg to Moscow. We were met at the station by my uncle's friend, Nina - and it was early, too. She took us all to her aparment tower, near Moscow University. On the way to her floor, we had a very exciting delay of 45 minutes or so, all of us, our lugge, too, crammed and ttrapped in the elevator, 22 floors up. That provided a little excitement for our first couple of hours in Moscow.

Moscow's an exciting place. Just ask my brother, he'll tell you. I was only there for a couple of days - I had to leave early to pop down to Sterlitamak. Unfortunately, all I had time for was a few of the major tourist highlights. Not pictured here is the visit to see Lenin - "Why do you want to see the Devil?" asked Nina. Why? For one, it's about the only tourist attraction in Moscow that's free of charge. :-)

Page 1: Welcome tea, Red Square

Page 2: Red Square, Changing of the Kremlin Guards

Page 3: Kremlin Courtyeard View, Church, Tsar's Cannon

Page 4: Stalin's Skyscraper from the Arbat