Our trip began in Warsaw. We had a few towns to check out in Poland: Warsaw, Krakow, Poznan, and ... this small town where out relative lived. We were met at the airport in Warsaw by Eugenish, his daughter Ania, and her husband Radek. My grandfather and my uncle had met Eugenish 25 years previously on a trip to Poland, when he had been a taxi driver. He had driven my grandfather and uncle around Poland, way back when. My uncle still had his address, and wrote to him that we were coming. Although Eugenish had retired from the taxi business, he came out of retirement to show us around.

Page 1: Blastoff, Welcome, Warsaw

Page2: Warsaw Old Town & Palace

Page 3: Warsaw Palace, Country Cousin

Page 4: Country Cousin

Page 5: Country Coustin, Krakow Clock Tower

Page 6: Krakow

Page 7: Krakov, Poznan, Dinner at Adler

Page 8: War Memorial, au revoir Eugenish