St. Petersburg

Ahh, St. Petersburg. I can't begin to say enough good things about it. Of course, I'm probably influenced by the kindness and magnanimity of our hosts in St. Petersburg, Issa and Anastasia. They are friends of my uncle and they are fabulous people. But aside from our hosts, St. Petersburg is a great city. The architecture, museums, history - it's pretty damn cool.

Page 1: The digs, dinner, Peterhof

Page 2: Peterhof gardens, interior

Page 3: Peterhof Interior, Ballet

Page 4: Ballet, Battleship Aurora, Churches

Page 5: Dinner, Canal Bridge, Hermitage

Page 6: Hermitage

Page 7: Hermitage, Mushroom Fest, St. Issaac's Cathedral at Night

Page 8: View of and From St. Issaac's Cathedral

Page 9: View from St. Issaac's, adios Michelle, Peter & Catherine, Bon Voyage Dinner