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More About Top 8 Cities to Move to From the SF Bay Area

As employees have implemented effective systems to work from home — and proven that the job can get done from any location — a growing list of companies (many of which are headquartered in the San Francisco Bay Area) are indefinitely shifting to a remote workforce. Facebook, Shopify, Twitter and Coinbase are among those tossing out “office centricity” in favor of financial savings, safe health practices and increased employee satisfaction. Fast Company reports that an estimated 56% of U.S. jobs can at least be partially compatible with remote work, and half of Americans want to continue telecommuting after business restrictions are lifted. 

Bay Area tech-industry employees are uniquely positioned to benefit from this new way of doing business since most only need a laptop and Wi-Fi to complete their work.

With local employers loosening policies, many people in the San Francisco Bay Area are considering finding a more affordable place to live.

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For many people, the San Francisco Bay Area is a place they will always call home – even if they end up moving away.

In many ways, the Bay Area is a victim of its own success. Most long-time residents lament the gradual degradation of the quality of life with soaring cost of living and choking traffic.

While Bay Area residents acknowledge the region’s many strengths, the reality is the Bay Area does not exist in a vacuum. There are many competing areas nationwide that are drawing Bay Area residents to them, and with good reason.

As you’ve read in this report, the eight top cities that Bay Area residents are moving to have a great deal to offer.
If you’re thinking it’s time to move, but you own a home in the Bay Area and you’re wondering how to make a shift to another part of the country: call me.
My company has a very well connected relocation department which will help you connect with a relocation specialist wherever you are planning to move. We will coordinate the sale of your Bay Area home with that specialist in whatever market it is that you’re thinking of moving to.

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I've been working from home for the past several months, and now I've been told that I can keep doing so for as long as I like. Since my job is now remote, I've been looking into places I can move to and live like a king on my Bay Area salary. This guide helped direct me to a great town, and I'm actively researching moving there soon.
-Chris F.
As a working professional mom, living in the Bay Area is tough. Traffic is a nightmare and it's so hard to ferry my kids around to all their activities. I've felt like I'm on a hamster wheel, running fast but staying in place. I saw this guidebook, downloaded it, and a light bulb went off...I'm out of here! Looking forward to a more affordable, relaxed pace of life, and better schools for my kids. Thank you!!!
-Rocio L.
I retired a few years back, so I've been thinking about moving for some time. The Bay Area is just too crowded and expensive for someone like me, now on a fixed income. I got a copy of this guidebook and I got inspired! Now I'm in the process of getting my home ready for sale. I've got my eye on a house across the country (which I'll pay cash for!), a half mile from the beach and within a 15 minute drive of two great golf courses. Pinch me! Enjoyed the guidebook tremendously.
-Rex N.

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