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The latest craze to sweep the Real Estate Web is the use of mapping technologies to find properties. Wouldn’t it be nice if you could draw a circle on a map, and then say “Show me every 2+ bedroom house in that circle, under $800K?”. It sure would be! Some web sites let you do this already, with varying degrees of ease, and I am looking at bringing that kind of functionality to this web site as well.

If you come to my web site and enter a property search, the search is managed by a third party service I pay every month for, called PropertyMinder. I’ve been using PropertyMinder for years – I’m probably one of their longest-running clients, and probably one of their most resource-intensive. The folks at PropertyMinder have just now updated their service to include some kind of mapping – you can now see the properties that match your search request plotted on a Google map. It’s pretty cool as far as it goes – but it’s not quite what I’d like to deliver to my clients.

Still, though, it’s better than nothing! So if you have already signed up for a property search on my web site, the next time you log in to see your search results, you will see a new option, which is to view the listings on a map. When you do, you will be shown a screen that may look a little something like this:

Home Plots on Google

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