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Great Tips on Home Presentation

Sellers often overlook the importance of a home's presentation. Things that seem small or insignificant to the seller may not seem so to the buyer. The buyer may look at the property and instead of seeing the beauty before him, he sees only tarnish.

A little elbow grease and a few dollars can go a long way towards making your property really shine - and sell faster and for more money. I've made a list of some inexpensive things you can do quickly that could well add value to your home.

1) Give good curb.

Many times I have driven up to a property and been discouraged about it just by seeing it from the curb. However, when I get out of the car and actually go inside, I find a beautiful property waiting to be explored. Many potential buyers, however, will be put-off by house the house looks from the curb - and may keep on driving.

Give the landscaping a lot of attention - the front is most important, but the back and sides should be tended to as well. Cover bare earth with wood chips, tree bark, etc. Repaint or touch-up as needed. Power-wash the decks, driveway, porch, etc.

2) Let the sunlight shine.

If someone is over to see the house, the curtains should be open, the blinds be raised or parted, and the shades opened on the skylights. If overgrown foliage outside is blocking light to windows, try to cut it back so more light comes in. If a house is naturally dark, use appropriate lighting to bathe the house in a warm glow.

3) Let the fixtures shine, too.

All metal ic-finished fixtures and fittings (faucets, door handles, etc.) should be shiny and bright, like new. If they cannot be made to look like new, consider replacing them. Plumbing fixtures should be leak-free, with stains from past leaking cleaned up.

4) Get a heads up: Before you start showing your home, clean the ceilings, fix any cracks or imperfections, and repaint if necessary. It is a common saying that most people never look up, but when looking at a home, people are more likely to look in places that they normal do not. If a buyer sees a water stain, they will assume there is a problem with the roof, even if you tell them it was repaired.

5) Introduce Mr. Clean to Kay and Bee

Your kitchen and bathroom should be well acquainted with cleaning products. Scrub everything (or better, have it professionally done) down completely. Repair any broken or loose tiles or grout. Make sure tub is clean and freshly caulked.

6) Clear the Clutter

Put into storage items which you do not need or use very often. Buyers like to see empty closets and garages, for example, to get a good idea of how much space there is. The same goes with bedrooms, living rooms, etc. Table and counter tops should be as free from unnecessary items as possible.

Buyers have a more difficult time imagining your house as their future home if it has too much of someone else's stuff in it.

7) Minor repairs, major rewards

Make sure your doors, cabinets, windows, and screens are free from defects. Tighten loose handles and oil squeaky hinges. Re-glaze the windows if necessary.

8) Refresh and reap

Chipped and flaking paint, worn or dirty carpet, scuffed hardwood and cracked linoleum are easily remedied. Small cosmetic make-overs can reap profits much greater than the investment they require.

9) Put pets away so buyers will stay

If you keep pets indoors, make sure they are contained (ideally outside) while the house is being shown. Make sure that your house does not smell like dogs or cats - many people are allergic and this will put them off to your house right away.

10) Have a last run through

Each time someone is going to look at your home make a quick run through your home and think about anything that you might have neglected, just use common sense.

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