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Articles Index

I have written several articles about Real Estate that may be of interest to you. Please contact me with any questions or comments you have.

July 2005 Market Update: The latest news on the Santa Cruz Real Estate Market cerca July 2005.

February 2005 Market Update: discusses what's going on in the Santa Cruz Real Estate Market in February 2005.

Looking ahead to 2005: an article which looks forward to what the Santa Cruz Real Estate market will look like in the year 2005.

Why Santa Cruz Real Estate Costs So Much: an article which addresses the valuation of Santa Cruz Property.

How to Buy in Santa Cruz: A Home-Buying guide written primarily for people shopping for their first property in Santa Cruz.

Shopping for Real Estate On-Line: A guide to making the most of the Internet for your Real Estate transaction.

Tips for Buying & Selling Residential Property: Some important tips for buying and selling residential property.

Determining the Value of your Property: a brief synopsis of how to determine what a property will sell for.

Let's Price it Right!: an article on the importance of pricing your property correctly for sale.

What's all this about Escrow?: an article that explains a bit about Escrow.

Marketing Plan for Residential Property: My proven plan for marketing your home.

Presenting your Home to Buyers: Top tips for presenting your home to potential buyers.

Property Types: a brief description of different types of residential property.