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Residential Property Marketing Plan

I have a very aggressive, effective Marketing Plan for residential properties. The plan has these primary objectives:

If you decide to list a property with me, here is the marketing campaign you can expect your property to receive:

Thunderbird "For Sale" Sign: When Thunderbird receives phone calls on listed properties, much of the time it is in response to someone having seen a Thunderbird "For Sale" sign posted on a lawn. With your approval, a sign will be posted on your property, telling the world 24/7 that it is on the market. The sign includes a flyer box, which I will monitor to ensure it is always loaded. The flyers contain valuable information to potential buyers, and are a powerful marketing tool. Keeping them available to potential buyers is important.

Print Advertising: even in these high tech times, print advertising continues to reach enormous numbers of eyes. To ensure maximum exposure, a coordinated print campaign will be employed to help market the property. The campaign consists of:

Posting on the Multiple Listing Service: your property will be listed with the Santa Cruz County Multiple Listing Service (MLS) - complete with color photographs of the most attractive features of the property. This is an invaluable service in the real estate business. The MLS system is used by every Realtor® in the five-county area (Santa Cruz, Santa Clara, San Benito, Monterey, and San Mateo), and over 11,000 Realtors have access to the system. When a Buyer's Agent goes to look for properties to show a client, the MLS system is the first place to be checked.

Electronic Key Box: No-hassle access to a property is crucial to getting it shown, and sold. With the owner's approval, I will place an electronic key box on the property. This will make it much easier for other Realtors to show the property to prospective buyers - thereby increasing the number of showings. More showings will usually yield more offers, and more offers will often mean a greater price. A property without an electronic key box may mean that the right buyer never sees the property, because it could not be shown when the buyer was hot.

Internet Advertising: the listing will be submitted to several high-traffic web sites, including:

As an e-PRO Realtor, I am heavily committed to the Internet. It is said that 80% of home buyers these days go to the Internet as the first step in the home buying process. I am where the buyers are. If you go to either of the two most popular search engines ( and, who between them own 70% of the search engine market) and search for "Santa Cruz Real Estate" you will find that my web site,, is often right at the top of the search results page. I pay hundreds of dollars a month to keep my site at the top of the search results, and your property will appear as a featured listing on my web site.

Virtual Tour: Hire a professional firm to photograph your property and create a high-quality Virtual Tour of it. This tour will be llinked from all of the above web sites. This is an invaluable sales tool, since the professionals that put these tours together showcase your home in the best possible light! It helps to get buyers interested in your home and actually in through the front door!

E-Mail info to other top agents: As a real estate professional, I am in frequent contact with other professionals in the area. I will send electronic brochures of your property to agents who I know are likely to have clients who may be interested in your property.

Design custom property brochure: I will create an eye-catching and informative brochure on your property that can be given to other agents, prospective buyers, and as a downloadable PDF document from the Internet.

Schedule my office caravan: Every week (on Tuesday), the agents of my office meet to discuss new listings our brokerage has on the market. After the meeting, we climb in our vehicles and conduct a private tour of the new listings. This quickly makes the dozens of agents of my office familiar with your property, and are able to discuss it knowledgeably when potential buyers call inquire about it.

Schedule Multiple Listing Service tour: Also every week (on Thursday), all brokers in Santa Cruz hold a "Broker's Open Tour." This is an opportunity for all the 1300+ agents in Santa Cruz to see your property, and be able to tell their buyers about it.

Open House: holding a house open is one of the best ways to meet the right buyer. I will ensure that the property is held open so that it can be appreciated first-hand by a large number of potential buyers. The first group of people I will hold it open for is are my colleagues at Thunderbird Real Estate. Together they represent a large collection of active buyers. Immediately thereafter, the I will hold the property open for the Broker's Tour. This is a great opportunity to meet many buyer's agents and show them the great value your property represents. Last but not least, the property will be held open on the weekends, the time when many buyers are out looking at property.

Call Agents, obtain buyer feedback: I will contact agents who leave a business card, to see if they have comments on the property. I will be particularly interested in learning if they have any potential buyers.

Discuss buyer comments: I will keep you informed of the comments I receive from potential buyers, as well as the comments I receive from buyers' agents.

Discuss the competition: the real estate market is always changing. I will keep you apprised of your property's position vis a vis the other properties on the market.

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