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Types of Property

Planned unit development (PUD): A type of residential, commercial, and/or industrial land development in which buildings are clustered or set on lots that are smaller than usual, and large, open, park-like areas are included within the development. Individual properties are owned in fee with joint ownership of open areas or, if local law requires, open areas are deeded to the city.

Condominium: A multiunit structure or property in which persons hold fee simple title to individual units and an undivided interest in common areas.

Row House/Town House: An attached house in a row of architecturally uniform houses separated by party walls and covered by a continuous roof.

Duplex: A house containing two separate dwelling units, side by side or one above the other; also describes apartments that occupy two levels or a portion of two floors.

Garden apartments: An apartment development of two- or three-story, walk-up structures built in a garden-like setting; customarily a suburban or rural-urban fringe development.

Dwelling: A structure designed or occupied as the living quarters of one or more households; usually equipped with cooking, bathing, toilet, and heating facilities, where necessary.