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What's all this about Escrow?

Escrow is a very important part of the Real Estate purchase. When buying real estate, you don't simply hand the seller a check and get the keys in one fell swoop. When you make an offer to purchase, you do so subject to a number of terms which are spelled out in the contract or purchase agreement. The contract will specify who is to do what, and when. When the Buyers and Sellers have agreed on the price and terms as set out in the contract, the contract is taken down to a Title and Escrow company. This company is a third party to the transaction that has no interest in its outcome. This company will hold all the money (buyer deposit, for instance) and paperwork. It is their job to make sure all the I's are dotted and the T's are crossed and that everyone gets what they are entitled to.

On my web site, I have a great informational brochure provided by Old Republic Title Company, which explains Title and Escrow in exhaustive (yet, I think, easy-to-read) detail. If you are interesed in the ins-and-outs, I encourage you to read it.

There are three Title and Escrow companies that do business here in Santa Cruz County. They are:

They are all excellent companies to do business with - I hope one day you have the pleasure!

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