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As you might expect from an area with over 250,000 residents, there are many schools in Santa Cruz county. The public school system serves over 40,000 students, and is divided into these ten (10) districts:

Many properties for sale on the MLS will have a school district code. To see what school goes with what code, download this handy list of school district codes.

GreatSchools.Net is a web site that provides objective information on public, private, and charter schools in all 50 states, with detailed information on several states' schools, including California.

A great source of information about public schools in Santa Cruz County is at the web site of the Santa Cruz County Office of Education:

If you are looking for private, charter, or religious schools, the web site maintains a great index of them.

The big junior college here in Santa Cruz County is Cabrillo College. It is an excellent school with a large, thriving, diverse student body. It is a centerpiece of the Santa Cruz County cultural scene.

The most famous school in Santa Cruz County is the University of California at Santa Cruz. This sprawling, beautiful campus is set on a hill overlooking the city of Santa Cruz. The University was opened in 1965 and now has over 14,000 students enrolled.

Just south of Santa Cruz County is the new California State University at Monterey. Built on the site of the U.S. Army's old Fort Ord, this fast-growing institution provides excellent education opportunities.