Santa Cruz: Over-Priced Suburb?

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My broker passed a link on to all of the agents at Thunderbird a day ago:

America’s Most Overpriced Suburbs

Now, I know what you’re thinking – Santa Cruz isn’t a suburb! We’ve been fighting tooth and nail to be more than just a bedroom community for the great beast up north – the valley, echhhh – don’t call Santa Cruz a suburb! Well, I hate to break it to you – that’s what a lot of people would consider our fair county to be, just a suburb of the Silicon Valley.

Happily, we didn’t make the list of cities mentioned in the article. Santa Monica did. My home town of Berkeley, California made the list. But according to Yahoo Real Estate’s profile on the city of Santa Cruz, our median household income is $60,273 – which means that it only takes the median household here in the county 12 years to buy their $715,000 home.

It turns out, we’ve got it easy! Who knew?

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