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Today I had the honor and privilege of making a presentation at the Santa Cruz Real Estate and Investment Club. They hold weekly meetings, every Tuesday at 6:30 PM at the 41st Avenue office of Santa Cruz Title Company. They also have a Santa Cruz Real Estate Investment Yahoo Group on-line.

I cobbled together a PowerPoint presentation, about 20 slides or so, about some market statistics and the opportunities that are there for investors in Watsonville who want to buy short sale or REO real estate. I had 30 minutes to talk, it actually ended up being closer to an hour because there were a lot of questions from the people who were there.

It’s kind of amazing how much opportunity there is for investors down in Watsonville, but there’s so few people right here in Santa Cruz who know what’s going on down there. I think it kind of speaks volumes about the schism in our beautiful little county here.

Anyway, I had fun doing the presentation, and I’m going to try to do some more such presentations at other investment clubs in the area. I’ll keep you posted.

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