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You've been lied to! Everything the real estate industry has told you is WRONG.  Selling your home quickly and easily, with a minimum of fuss and for absolute maximum profit isn't hard to do...if you understand what really matters, and what is totally irrelevant (which are the things that most REALTORs tell their clients are super important, but is really just a bunch of BS, fakery, and malarkey designed to make you think they're worth all the money they charge). 

You've been lied to about selling your house

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Selling your home doesn't have to be a chore

If you know what to do - and what is a complete waste of time and money - selling your home is a breeze.

Wrong Fix-Ups

Wrong Fix-Ups

Too many people make bad decisions when it comes to getting their homes ready for market. You'd be surprised how little you should do.

Bad Marketing

Bad Marketing

Most REALTOR marketing actually does NOTHING to sell your home - and actually, it often ends up making your home take longer to sell, and selling for less.



Too many Sellers (and REALTORs) think only of a price (the list price) rather than the actual pricing strategy which is guaranteed to sell your home for absolute peak pricing.

I offer a completely different solution

You don't want a song and dance. You don't even want to hire a REALTOR. You just want to know how to sell your home quickly, easily, with a minimum of hassle and for the most cash-out possible at closing - and be 100% sure that's what you'll get when you put your home up for sale.

My clear, concise guide will show you exactly that.

Discover the Right Way to Sell your Silicon Valley Home

I hate to break it to you, but pretty much everything you've ever been told about how to get a house sold in the Bay area is just flat-out wrong.

In far too many cases, homeowners are told that they need to do way too much work to their homes, spend a lot of money "getting it ready for market," doing "improvements" that end up returning less value than they cost.

Frankly, the way that homes are sold today in the Bay Area is broken.  You know it, and I I know it.  But I know something you don't - which is how you can absolutely for sure get your home sold quickly, easily, with a minimum of hassle and for absolute maximum cash-out when you go to tell your home.  And how you can be 100% certain this is the result you'll get when you put your home up for sale. 

I'm going to share all this information with you, for absolutely no cost or obligation.  Just request the Quick, Easy & Lucrative Home Sale guide offered on this page, and in no time at all, you'll learn exactly what matters - and what does not - if you want to get your home sold quickly, easily, and for the highest cash-out possible. ​

In this guide, I will show you:

  • How to control buyers through the entire home selling process so that you can predictably net more money 
  • How to put your buyers in a highly emotional state so you can create a negotiating advantage over them 
  • What home improvements you SHOULD do, and which ones you should NOT do in order to get the greatest return on your dollar.
  • The truth behind staging so you can easily and affordably set up your home for the highest sales price 
  • How bad marketing (the kind that most REALTORs do) will result in your home taking longer to sell - and selling for much less than it should have.
  • Debunk the biggest home selling myths that cost most home sellers tens of thousands of dollars 
  • How to use my advanced pricing model so that you can avoid being pinned into a corner by the "comps" the way other home sellers are.

Get the step-by-step roadmap for the most effective home selling strategy so you can implement it on your future home sale and take control of the process no matter who you choose to sell your home with.

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