Snow White

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Was that some crazy storm last night or what? Thunder, lightning, rain just bucketing down – I haven’t seen anything like that here in Santa Cruz since I don’t know when – maybe never. And this morning, when I left my house, I had to be extra careful going down the steps – for they were covered in hail-slush-ice. My car, too!

Later that morning, I went out to the Larkin Valley area to check out some homes, previewing them for clients. All along the way, I could see that there was what looked like snow all along the sides of the freeway. I got off at the Larkin Valley exit, and I saw a line of cars parked there. I thought “Wow, Larkin Valley road must be blocked!” – but no. Instead, folks had just stopped by the side of the road to stop, build snowmen, go sledding, and throw snowballs.

¡Que wow!


One Way Snowman

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