The Least Prestigious Profession in America


It turns out that I have the least prestigious profession in America!  Would you believe that an annual Harris Poll measuring the most prestigious professionals in America puts real estate brokers and agents consistently at the bottom – the very bottom – of the list. Even Bankers, Lawyers, and Members of Congress are rated as having more prestige than my lowly profession. Check out this chart: Can I really say I’m surprised? No. But here’s what I can say: What I do in The Least Prestigious Profession in America It’s easy to understand why so many Americans think little of the real estate profession. One very evident problem is that it’s very easy to get a real estate license. It’s far easier to get a license allowing you to sell a $5,000,000 house in California than it is to get a license to become, say, an esthetician. A bad haircut from your barber is one thing – a bad haircut on the sale of your home, now that’s quite another. It’s the profession of first resort, in many cases.  Laid off?  Hey, become a Realtor!  It’s seen as a job anyone can get, an easy way to make a lot of money, without requiring a lot of skill or training, in a short period of time. Being a real estate agent must be a piece of cake – everyone’s doing it! How could a profession like this have much prestige? Many are called, but few are chosen The attrition rate of California real estate professionals is very … Read More