Red Tags in Santa Cruz County

Seb FreySanta Cruz Real Estate

Red Tag

It seems that the properties I get the most inquires about are the ones with red tags on them – they tend to be the cheapest of the cheap, and so they get a lot of interest from people. Also, red tagged properties tend to stay on the market a long time, so it’s not uncommon for me to have several buyers write to me about the same property. So what is a red tag? A red tag is a notification that a building or improvement is out of compliance with the county code. It might be a violation of the building codes, zoning ordinances, environmental protection ordinances, or it could be the that the building is hazardous and needs abatement. How does a red tag get to be put on a property? What often happens is that a neighbor will inform the county that he suspects some kind of violation is occurring on a given property, as might happen if someone is building a fence that is too high and might block a view or create some other hazard. Another common way to get a red tag is to convert an area of a home (e.g. a garage) into living space, and then to rent out that living space. Many a disgruntled tenant has informed the Planning Department that their landlords, after having evicted them, has an illegal dwelling unit on their property! And let’s not forget the disgruntled ex-spouse, who, after quitting a property, informs the county of the violations they know to exist. … Read More