How You Can Help Solve Our Housing Crisis?


We in California are in the midst of an extreme housing crisis.  One way this shows up is as exorbitant prices to both buy and rent homes throughout the state.  I’m fine with high prices, so long as they’re affordable.  Unfortunately, they’re not: home affordability in our area is absolutely terrible. It’s about 15% to 18%, which means only 15% to 18% of households can afford to purchase a median-priced home.  And that affordability figure is calculated using an assumption buyers have 20% for the down payment, which many would-be buyers do not. Rental housing isn’t much better, so we have a lot of people living in unsafe, expensive, or overcrowded homes. You’ve probably noticed the tent cities popping up under freeway overpasses and bridges everywhere. It’s shocking to see, considering we live in an area and time of almost unimaginable wealth.  It’s a stark and unavoidable sign of how severe the issue is. Fortunately, California legislators are doing something about it at last. Recently, San Francisco Senator Scott Weiner introduced SB-827, which would radically alter planning and zoning laws in California. It would require high-density housing within close proximity to transit stops and corridors. This is a radical step, but desperate times call for desperate measures. Please support Senator Weiner and SB-827. Call your own state representatives and let them know you support more housing for California. On the other hand, there are efforts afoot to increase rent control throughout California. I know this may feel like a good idea to some of you, and … Read More