Is 2009 The Year to Buy Santa Cruz Real Estate?

Seb FreySanta Cruz Real Estate

The Housing Crash guy says: A landlords’ rule of thumb is that a house price should be a maximum of 15 times the annual rent for that place, yet in coastal areas, houses are still selling for 30 times annual rent I think he’s got a good point there – which goes to underscore my belief that prices in Watsonville are actually very reasonable at the moment. … Looking over the ads on Craig’s List, it’s safe to say that a 3 bedroom, 2 bathroom house would rent for about $2,400 a month in Santa Cruz, assuming it was in a not-so-great location. … Let’s look at the payment for a $500,000 house – but let’s assume you’re putting down a reasonable 10% instead of the FHA minimum of 3.5% – so you’d have a $450,000 loan, again at about 5.75% because with only 10% down, you’d still need to pay mortgage insurance. … Let’s say you’re in a tax bracket of 25%, and you can figure you’d save about $640/month in federal and state taxes, bringing your effective monthly after-tax payment to about $2,519 per month, or just about $120 more than renting.

Billions, Trillions and a House in Santa Cruz

Seb FreySanta Cruz Real Estate

Flushing Money

I should have just sat there and watched as my hard-earned dollars evaporated, sucked it up, been a man, and lost all that cash, the price to pay for participating in our capitalist system. … So let me assure you – if you want to buy a house in Santa Cruz, and you have decent credit (at least a 580 FICO Score to qualify for an FHA loan, I believe) and you have the debt-to-income ratios required by the guidelines. … Mind you, the median price these days in the county is $585,000 (as of August), so it’s getting to the point where you can actually buy a habitable structure in a somewhat central location for that kind of bread. … That would leave you with a whopping loan of $482,500 and payments (all-in, including principal, interest, property tax, and insurance) of about $3,500 a month (roughly, approximately – and that’s before your considerable mortgage interest tax deduction ).

Interest Rates Plunge for Homes in Santa Cruz

Seb FreySanta Cruz Real Estate

The hypocrisy kind of makes me sick – they’re all for government intervention to help out the banks and whatnot, but when it comes to helping out the middle and lower classes with, I don’t know, a tax cut or a single-payer health care system – forget it. bailout2.jpg But I digress – I’m totally for the bailout. … But let’s assume that on Friday, your rate would have been 6.5%, and today, it’s 6% – in other words, a 1/2% drop. … The median price these days is around $610,000 – so your loan would be $518,500 (yes, I’m assuming you have $91,500 handy for a down payment!). … So your true payment with a 6.5% rate would be around $3,911.27 a month, which puts your actual savings of $168.61 at somewhere around 4.3% per month.