For Sale By Owner Safety Checklist

Safety Checklist

Selling your home can and should be a rewarding experience for you and your family.  Helping you ensure that it is a safe experience should be a top priority for any homeowner.  Recently, the news has been full of stories about Beverly Carter, a real estate agent who was kidnapped and murdered by a supposed “buyer.”  Your safety is a … Read More

Blue Light Special Turns Red!

Blue Light Special

A month ago, I wrote a blog entry about a homeowner in Soquel who was having a blue light special on the sale of his home. redlight.jpg I guess it didn’t work out so well – his Soquel home is now back on the market – for $829,000, or about $79,000 more than it was on for sale about a month ago. … Of course, this home is in Soquel, which is considerably more expensive, but the median there is only $610,000 (although the average is $843,000). This time around, rather than trying to catch the buyer’s eye with a lowered price, the seller is trying to catch the Realtor’s eye – with a juicy 4% commission to the buyer’s real estate agent. … A strong incentive, to be sure – but of course, we Realtors are duty bound to hold our clients’ interests above our own, and persuading your client to over-pay on a real estate purchase in exchange for a healthy commission seems like a breach of fiduciary responsibility to me.

Santa Cruz For Sale by Owner – Blue Light Special!

Actually, a savvy Realtor will look at a FSBO like an opportunity ripe for the plucking – because most FSBOs will eventually end up listing with a Realtor after they give up in frustration trying to sell their home on their own. … Or if, somehow, he does sell the house for $100,000 that means he will have, effectively, sold the same house for 6% more than his neighbor just sold his. So, either his neighbor could have sold his house for more money, or the buyer of FSBO house at $100,000 is paying too much for it.

…For once, there’s a FSBO seller who isn’t interested saving money – he just wants to sell his house quickly, and is giving the buyer an opportunity to save some cash on the commission.