Avoiding Probate for Small Estates in California

Avoid California Probate

“Probate” is the court-supervised administration of a decedent’s estate. The procedure begins with the filing of a petition with a probate court for the probate of a decedent’s will or for letters of administration if there is no will. The probate proceeding involves “proving the will” (if there is a will), appointing the personal representative, determining the decedent’s assets which … Read More

Intestate Succession in California

Intestate Succession

The laws of Intestate Succession in California are found in Sections 6400 – 6413 of the California Probate Code. The following is a table designed to simplify the manner in which separate property is distributed when someone dies and does not leave a will (they passed on “intestate,” without a will). 1. If there is a surviving spouse but no surviving … Read More

Santa Cruz Probate Realtor


Are you looking for an experienced Santa Cruz probate Realtor? When a person dies, their estate (including real estate) may need to pass through the probate process.  This is the legal process whereby a deceased person’s assets & debts are disbursed and settled. When the sale of real property (house, condo, land, etc.) is subject to probate, it typically requires that there be a court that oversees the … Read More

California Probate Glossary

Abatement A proportional diminution or reduction of the pecuniary legacies, when there are not sufficient funds to pay them in full. Ademption When property mentioned in a will cannot be given to a beneficiary because it no longer belonged to the deceased at the time of death. For example, the particular gift may have been destroyed, sold, or given away … Read More

California Probate Timeline

Step Time Frame Prepare and File Petition for Probate 1-2 months Court hearing on the Petition for Probate 1-2 months Prepare and File Petition for Probate 2-3 months The following are issued: Letters of Administration, Orders for Probate, Duties and Liabilities, Issue Bond (if ordered) **Letters of Testimentary ** 2-4 months (if not contested) Notice to Creditors 2-4 months Notice … Read More

Santa Cruz Real Estate Great Debate

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