Santa Cruz at Market Bottom? Some Say Yes, I Say No

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Fact is, we have been seeing multiple offers for well over a year now on these bargain-basement properties in Watsonville – and pretty much anywhere in California where bank-owned foreclosures are sold several percent cheaper than competing properties – these properties attract multiple offers and sell quickly. … Pretty much – I didn’t go into 87 Arista when it was on the market, but from what I can tell on the MLS from the pictures, the choice of paint colors and level of amenities in this home was about on par with my listing. … And then, a scant two months later, my own listing comes on with an asking price of $250,000 – that’s 3.8% less than the sale price of a very very comparable property which closed just two months earlier…and I’m on the market eight days, and I’m standing in a field of chirping crickets . … But not too far below – if in fact you were able to buy a home for 10% below true market value, you could not do a thing to the property, then turn around and sell that property to someone else the next day for 10% more than you paid for it.

Competence and Ethics of Santa Cruz Realtors

Seb FreySanta Cruz Real Estate

Realtor Ethics

However, the Preamble does says Realtor® members should: eliminate practices which may damage the public or which might discredit or bring dishonor to the real estate profession Do you think that maybe, some members of the public were damaged by making unsupportable claims such as the ones I mentioned above? It looks to me like making such claims is not a violation of the Standards of Practice and therefore no action could be taken against Realtors for making such statements, however, telling your client these kinds of things clearly goes against the spirit of the Code of Ethics as set forth in the Preamble. … However, this creates something of a paradox – the fact that it’s easy to become a Realtor, anyone can join so long as they are a real estate licensee – yet, per the code of Ethics: The services which REALTORS ® provide to their clients and customers shall conform to the standards of practice and competence which are reasonably expected in the specific real estate disciplines in which they engage; specifically, residential real estate brokerage… … Of course, another brutal truth is, most Realtors have no day-to-day business – they have week-to-week, or month-to-month: there just are not enough transactions to go around which can support a Realtor community as large as we have here in Santa Cruz, even considering our recently diminished numbers.

Signs of the Apocalypse in Santa Cruz

Seb FreySanta Cruz Real Estate

I plan to write a book that’s a cross between Catcher in the Rye and Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance . … Speaking of looking grim, here are some other signs of the apocalypse . apolaclypse.jpg [From Record numbers won’t pay property tax bill – Santa Cruz Sentinel ] A near record number of homeowners likely won’t pay property taxes by the April 10 deadline, another sign of just how tight things have become. … Only thing is, I hear that you if you want to work out a deed in lieu of foreclosure with your lender, they won’t work with you if you have unpaid property tax. … There has been a precipitous drop of new blood coming into a industry that is clearly hemorrhaging: [From Number of real estate agents starts to shrink ] Just 1,324 people took the real estate salesperson exam in January, down from 8,765 a year earlier and 14,397 two years ago, according to the Department of Real Estate.