For Sale By Owner Safety Checklist

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Safety Checklist

Selling your home can and should be a rewarding experience for you and your family.  Helping you ensure that it is a safe experience should be a top priority for any homeowner.  Recently, the news has been full of stories about Beverly Carter, a real estate agent who was kidnapped and murdered by a supposed “buyer.”  Your safety is a serious business!  Please take some time to review this For Sale By Owner Safety Checklist with anyone you know who’s thinking of selling their home, with or without a real estate agent. 1) Use the Buddy System. There’s a reason why the buddy system is so popular: there’s safety in numbers. With that in mind, plan never to be alone in your house with strangers. If you are going to be showing your home, make sure that you have someone there with in the house at the time. 2) Be a good shepherd.  Often times, buyers will come in groups. If you have more than one person in your home, make sure that everyone keeps together as you go through the house, so you can keep an eye on them. Thieves often work in pairs; one can distract you while the other rifles through your home looking for valuables to take with them.  Don’t give them the opportunity! 3) Make a date.  Don’t allow people to just come by any time. Remember, you want to make sure that someone is there in the home with you, and that you’ve had time to properly prepare the home to … Read More

Information Sources used by Homebuyers

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Information Sources used by Homebuyers

In this Age of Internet, it might not surprise you to learn that, according to the National Association of Realtors 2013 Profile of Home Buyers and Sellers, in the western U.S., 91% of home buyers in 2013 used the Internet to help them find and research homes. If there’s any surprise there, it’s that the number isn’t actually closer to 100%. But what other surprises can be found in the report? Well, for example – 91% of home buyers also worked with a real estate agent. And 52% of home buyers also used good old fashioned yard signs in front of homes as part of their search, and 44% of home buyers attended at least one open house. It was only in 2007 that the iPhone was born – and ushered in the era of the “mobile web.” Today, only a few years later, fully 45% of home buyers used mobile web sites and apps in their home buying search – and 43% of buyers used mobile-optimized search sites. Not only that, 26% of buyers utilized on-line video sites to view homes as well.