Thursday, Muddy Thursday

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Today is Thursday, and it’s “Broker’s Open Tour” day. This is the day that Realtors hold their new listings open – an open house just for Realtors. The public is welcome to see these homes, too – but it’s during a time when most folks are at work. I have several buyers who are looking up in the Boulder Creek area, and I will be listing a property up there in May. I had good reason for a foray into Boulder Creek, driving up and down the hills, through mud puddles, bottoming out on un-paved roads – all to educate myself on the market to better serve my clients. I brought along a colleague with me, and we had a pretty good time, chatting about life, liberty, and the pursuit of real property as we rattled and bounced over potholes and gravel roads.

I don’t know if any of you have seen it, but there’s a TV show called Hot Properties. I have only seen it one time, so maybe I’m rushing to judgement, but it looks to be about several lovely lady Realtors who sit around in a fabulous office, swap gossip, preen, and meet rich folks waiting to buy multi-million dollar properties with gigantic commissions. Oh, and then there’s Two and a Half Men, with Charlie Sheen, who’s mom is a Realtor down in southern California. On TV, being a Realtor looks like a pretty kick-back gig – can it be any surprise that there are now over 1,800 Realtors in Santa Cruz county?

What’s it really like being a Realtor, you ask? Well, in Santa Cruz County, at least – it’s a little less glamorous. It’s characterized more by long days, hours spent on deals that end up going nowhere, and no shortage of wild goose chases, hunting down properites that sound good on the MLS but in reality, that dank moldy smell and the junkyard that is the neighbor’s front yard really make the property unsuitable for the folks I’m out scouting properties for.

Even so, it’s a great job. While I do spend a lot of time in my office, on the telephone, sending e-mail, researching properties, I also get to spend a lot of time seeing some incredible properties – and of course, I do get to drive all around Santa Cruz county – surely is one of the most beautiful places on earth. And then there’s the really, really fun part of my job: handing over the keys to a client’s new home. That’s a mighty sweet reward for a little mud on my shoes!

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