Welcome to 2007

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Welcome to 2007!

It’s been since forever that I updated the blog – a thousand apologies! I’ve needed to take some personal time – to get married! Amazing how much time all that can chew up. 🙂 Would you like to see some pictures? Sure you would!

Pictures of Our Wedding
And now, my thoughts turn to the future, specifically, the Year 2007. New Year is actually my favorite holiday – although one can resolve to do anything differently any day of the year, the beginning of the year always gives me cause for pause and reflection about what’s coming up.

The good folks at the California Association of Realtors sent out a PDF file with all the new California State Laws that affect pretty much everyone in the State of California. You can download that PDF here:

California Real Estate Law Changes 2007

There are a variety of new laws to check into, regarding condominium reserves, lead-based paint violations, for landlords and tenants, consumers of reverse mortgages, subdivisions & re-developments and much more.

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