Wireless Santa Cruz

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There’s a move afoot to include the city of Santa Cruz in a regional plan to provide a wide area wireless nework for the San Francisco Bay Area. In my opinion, that would be fabulous! There are many questions this raises – how it will be paid for, how it will be implemented, if the additional electromagnetic waves will cause premature aging of redwood trees, etc. – however, I think it is inevitable that one day, just about every town in the world will have internet access available to everyone…

Santa Cruz prides itself on being a progressive community. For me, this IS progress. It will increase productivity of everyone – including myself! I would love to have a high-speed, low-cost wireless network available to me wherever I am, so that I can just whip out my handy Palm TX and check my e-mail, surf the latest real estate listings, etc., without having to go back to the office or find a coffee shop.

True, this might not be so good for the coffee shops which I frequent primarily to use their free internet access, but overall I feel that this will be a huge long-term boon for the people of Santa Cruz. I encourage you to read the article in the Santa Cruz Sentinel and start talking to your friends and neighbors about this…it is something that everyone should get behind, to help keep Santa Cruz competitive and make it an even better place to live.


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