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The Honest Truth About Your Home's Value

The truth is, there is no one "market price" for your home.  The amount of money you are able to sell your home for - and how much you actually walk away with at closing - depends on four key factors:

  1. Overall economic and market factors
  2. Your home’s condition (which may inform how it is prepared for sale) 
  3. The way it is marketed
  4. The manner in which the sale is negotiated.

There's nothing much you can do about Factor #1 - you either hit the timing right, or you don't - and the only way you'll know for sure if you got it right is in hindsight, which is always 20/20.

But Factors #2, #3, and #4 are totally in your control, and the way that these are handled, the strategy you employ to best account for Factor #1, really determines how well you will do with the sale of your home.

This Online, On-Demand Workshop will give you the ultimate recipe to absolutely crush it with the sale of your home.

Some of the things you'll learn...

  • ​How to control buyers through the entire home selling process so that you can predictably net more money 

  • How to put your buyers in a highly emotional state so you can create a negotiating advantage over them
  • What home improvements you SHOULD do, and which ones you should NOT do in order to get the greatest return on your dollar
  • ​The truth behind staging so you can easily and affordably set up your home for the highest sales price
  • Debunk the biggest home selling myths that cost most home sellers tens of thousands of dollars
  • How to use my advanced pricing model so that you can avoid being pinned into a corner by the "comps" the way other home sellers are​
  • Get the step-by-step roadmap for the most effective home selling strategy so you can implement it on your future home sale and take control of the process no matter who you choose to sell your home with.
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First licensed in 2003, Sebastian "Seb" Frey is a Broker Associate with Compass, the #1 real estate brokerage in the United States, California, and Silicon Valley by dollar volume. Seb has won numerous awards and accolades and was rated in 2022 as among the top 1.5% of REALTORS nationwide by RealTrends.

Seb's widely acclaimed home selling process helped sell over 400 homes sold and over $220 million in sales volume. Call Seb when you want a proven and highly professional process that goes against the grain of traditional status quo home selling methods. Seb offers a level of service which is unrivaled by anyone agent int the greater Bay Area

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