3 Best Indian Restaurants in Santa Clara

Looking for some spicy, aromatic goodness? Let’s talk about the best Indian restaurants in Santa Clara, where taste buds take a delightful trip! Puranpoli, Jaks Authentic Indian & Modern Vibe, and Kabila Sweets and Restaurant are the stars here.

Puranpoli – the name itself feels like comfort food! Then there’s Jaks – the perfect blend of authentic Indian flavors with a modern twist. And do not forget Kabila Sweets and Restaurant, where sweets meet savory in a tantalizing combo.

Each place has its own charm, its own unique flavors that make you go, “Mmm, this is what I’ve been missing!” From fragrant spices to creamy curries, these joints have something for every desi food lover.

Whether you’re craving buttery naans, lip-smacking curries, or indulgent Indian sweets, these restaurants are like a spice treasure trove in Santa Clara. They’re not just eateries; they’re experiences, a culinary journey through India’s diverse flavors right in the heart of California! So, get ready to spice up your life with these awesome Indian food havens!

#1: Puranpoli

3074B Scott Blvd, Santa Clara, CA

Puranpoli, the Maharashtrian gem nestled in Santa Clara, is more than just an Indian eatery—it’s a flavorful escape to Mumbai’s culinary streets! Upon stepping in, you’re greeted by the aroma of ginger chai and the tantalizing sizzle of spices.

Their sabutdana vada and chai duo is the perfect start—crispy vadas with a side of chutney that whispers authenticity. And let’s talk about their pav bhajji; though skeptical about the portion, it’s a hearty surprise! The veggie mix and Amul cheese are a match made in bhajji heaven.

Their menu boasts a flavor parade, from kadai paneer to garlic naan. The paneer, seasoned to perfection, danced delightfully with the naan. Every bite’s a celebration of spices!

What elevates the experience? The charming outdoor patio, friendly servers, and an ambiance that feels like a casual Mumbai eatery. Plus, ample parking seals the deal—no stress!

For us Mumbaikars seeking a slice of home, Puranpoli brings Mumbai’s essence through every dish. The reasonable prices don’t hurt either! The staff’s attentiveness and menu expertise add a personal touch, making it more than a meal—it’s a flavor-filled journey.

#2: Jaks Authentic Indian & Modern Vibe

3333 Coronado Pl, Santa Clara, CA

Starting with their cocktails—talk about a journey of flavors! The Mezcal Verde, a captivating mezcal infusion with wild berries, habanero, and a dash of lime, served within a smoky chamber, was a sensory spectacle. Its marriage of sweet, spicy, and smoky tones was unforgettable, promising an unforgettable tipple.

Their culinary prowess didn’t stop at the drinks. The smoked Dahi Puri, Gol Gappa, Tuk Aloo Bhandang, and Tamarind Chilli cauliflower starters were a symphony of delectable flavors. The Gol Gappa was a delightful burst of taste, while the Tuk Aloo Bhandang danced crisply on our palates.

Moving to the mains, the Butter Chicken was an indulgent masterpiece, perfectly seasoned and rich. The Achari Broccolini & ajwaini dal offered a refreshing twist to traditional Indian dishes, balancing innovation with authenticity.

Jaks is more than just your average eatery; it’s where the culinary customs of yesteryear meet the modern mixology of today. Their culinary craftsmanship, presentation, and creative mixology set them apart. Though I wasn’t aware of the limited lunch menu, the appetizers scored big, while some of the mains—like the seafood platter—packed intense spices.

#3: Kabila Sweets and Restaurant

3064 El Camino Real, Santa Clara, CA

Tucked away in Santa Clara, Kabila Sweets and Restaurant is a spot where Indian flavors take center stage. This place isn’t just another Indian joint; it’s got a menu that’s a real standout in the area.

They’ve got this killer combo – garlic naan, butter chicken, bhindi masala (that’s okra), and karahi goat – a mix of flavors that’s like a party in your mouth. The karahi goat’s buttery gravy is packed with bell peppers and onions, making each bite a taste sensation. The butter chicken and garlic naan are also top-notch. And the okra? Sauteed with spices, onions, and tomatoes, it’s got this amazing crunch and flavor punch.

While the dine-in experience usually rocks with flavorful dishes, there was this one time the server got a bit too personal when handing over the check. Kinda killed the vibe of an otherwise awesome meal.

Parking is a bit of a puzzle in this busy strip mall, but once inside, the cozy space with its handful of tables makes for a chill hangout. Kabila’s known for consistent hits like their chicken or goat biryani and those butter chicken and garlic naans that everyone raves about. It’s like a surefire bet for anyone craving some legit Indian chow.

Wrapping up these Best Indian Restaurants in Santa Clara

Whether you’re a fan of classic flavors or you’re up for a twist of tradition with a modern twist, these places have got your taste buds covered. Go ahead, indulge in the aromatic curries, savor the buttery naans, and treat yourself to the fantastic blends of spices. Trust me, your taste buds will thank you for this delightful journey through Indian cuisine right here in Santa Clara!

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