5 Best Places for Dessert in Campbell

Hey there, sweet-tooth squad! Ready to embark on a scrumptious journey through Campbell’s dessert wonderland? Hold onto your forks as we explore the heavenly delights at Snake & Butterfly, Marvel Cake, Flower Flour, Campbell Creamery, and Maple Leaf Donuts. These aren’t just eateries; they’re portals to a dessert paradise! If you’re looking for the best places for dessert in Campbell, you’ve come to the right place.

From tantalizing pastries at Snake & Butterfly to the artistic flair of Marvel Cake, each spot serves up a spoonful of pure happiness. Flower Flour’s delightful bakes and Campbell Creamery’s creamy concoctions? Pure dessert dreams come true! And let’s not forget Maple Leaf Donuts—where every bite’s a sprinkle-filled celebration! These places aren’t simply about satisfying cravings; they’re the sparkle in Campbell’s food scene, where desserts aren’t just sweet treats but magical elixirs for your taste buds and spirit. Get set to dive into a delightful sugar rush!

#1: Snake & Butterfly

191 E Campbell Ave, Campbell, CA

Snake & Butterfly isn’t just a chocolate haven; it’s a delight waiting to be unwrapped! Their truffles? Let’s just say they’re like little drops of happiness—especially the kahlua and orange one, rich, creamy, and bursting with scrumptious flavors! The customer service? Top-notch—imagine patience served with a smile!

Known for their top-tier chocolate, this place is more than just a sweet spot. Gelato cravings? They got it! But here’s the catch—it’s an early bird situation, closing shop by 5. However, don’t fret; soon, we’ll all be lining up for that heavenly gelato!

Yet, despite the chocolatey paradise, there’s a yearning for a little extra pizzazz. A tweak in layout, a wider pastry selection, and voila! A cozy hangout for coffee, chocolate, and friends awaits! While it’s already a recommendable spot, a bit more jazz could transform it into a must-visit. Still, the service? As sweet as their chocolate!

#2: Marvel Cake

1614 W Campbell Ave, Campbell, CA

Marvel Cake, the hidden gem that’s stealing hearts one sweet bite at a time!  This spot isn’t just a cafe; it’s a haven where studying meets aesthetic bliss! Adorned with holiday cheer, it’s a visual treat—perfect for a cozy chat or solo study sesh!

Hold up, have you tried their spiral croissants? Trust me, these babies are morning magic. They fly off the shelves faster than you can say “croissant,” so snag ’em early! The cozy vibe here is like stepping into a tea party paradise—cupcakes, cakes, and pastries galore! Preorder for special occasions? Check!

The pistachio croissant? A pistachio lover’s dream come true! Flaky perfection stuffed with dreamy pistachio cream—talk about a flavor explosion! And guess what? No regrets, just pure pastry happiness. Stellar service and zero complaints? It’s a dessert haven you’ll keep coming back to!       

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#3: Flower Flour

1875 S Bascom Ave Ste 140, Campbell, CA

Flower Flour? More like Flavor Flour! This spot’s cakes are a flavor fiesta—each slice bursting with tangy goodness and a cloud-like texture. The guava mousse, raspberry chiffon, and mango tango are stars, but the passionfruit stole the show in a fruity frenzy!

Sure, these round minis might pinch the wallet at .95 a pop, but they’re worth a splurge for your taste buds. Plus, the staff’s as sweet as the desserts—quick, friendly, and bonus points for separate packaging and that handy-dandy ribbon for cake portability!

Flower Flour shines like a sugar-coated gem. Door Dash delivery? Convenient for impromptu dessert cravings! Yet, the small staff might look a tad overwhelmed—still, no doubt, these desserts are a visual and taste delight, perfect for treat-yourself days or a party centerpiece! Flower Flour? Go on, treat yourself!

#4: Campbell Creamery

267 E Campbell Ave Ste A, Campbell, CA

Campbell Creamery is a creamy paradise for dessert enthusiasts! Yelp led us to this gem that felt just like home. The flavor exploration began with the delightful dilemma of choosing among their sweet repertoire. We settled on a colossal scoop of cookie dough—a chocolatey dream with top-notch chunks!

But let’s talk consistency! This ice cream redefined “creamy.” Every spoonful felt like an icy embrace of perfection. And those color-changing spoons? Not just kid-friendly, they added an extra dash of fun for the young-at-heart.

Indoors may be cozy but limited—no worries, ample outdoor seating awaits! Quick, helpful service and a myriad of flavors made this a top spot. With options galore and friendly scoopers, Campbell Creamery’s a must-visit. Don’t miss out—locals, indulge your sweet tooth here!

#5: Maple Leaf Donuts

2329 S Winchester Blvd, Campbell, CA

Maple Leaf Donuts? That delightful corner spot sure knows how to spread the love! Oh, the service is a dream—staff so sweet, it’s like chatting with old pals. Even if you’re not a donut buff, their treats are downright awesome.

Yeah, there might be a line, but don’t stress—it zips by quicker than you can say “maple glaze.” That main guy behind the counter? He’s a mind reader—I step in, and he’s already onto my order: sesame bagel toasted with cream cheese, a maple donut, and a small coffee. Quick, easy, budget-friendly, and everyone’s all smiles—total hidden gem!

Now, my top choice? The croissant with egg & cheese—perfection! Sometimes I skip the donuts; they can be hit or miss, but no matter what, this cozy mom & pop spot radiates a sense of community. They’ve got that knack for remembering orders before they’re spoken!

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