5 Best Places for Dessert in Sunnyvale

Get set for a sugar-fueled escapade in Sunnyvale, where desserts aren’t just treats—they’re a downright symphony of flavors you can’t resist. As the sun waves goodbye, the city’s eateries transform into sweet sanctuaries, dishing out decadent delights and practically whispering your name.  Sunnyvale’s dessert haven caters to every taste bud, flaunting an array of treats that transform your dining affair into a sugary nirvana. So, gear up for a dessert-loaded celebration because, in Sunnyvale, every sugary morsel is a burst of pure culinary joy, so if you want to know which are the five best places for dessert in Sunnyvale, your search ends here.

#1: Anton SV Pâtisserie – Serving Bakeries and Desserts

1969 Otoole Way San Jose, CA 95131

Get ready to dive into the enchanting world of The Anton SV Pâtisserie, where sweet cravings morph into a magical experience in Sunnyvale, CA. The vibe? It’s like sophistication and warmth had a delicious rendezvous, creating a chic interior that’ll transport you straight to a European-style patisserie. Picture captivating displays of exquisite pastries, setting the scene for an atmosphere that’s not just inviting but downright irresistibly indulgent.

At The Anton SV Pâtisserie, dessert isn’t just a treat; it’s an extraordinary journey beyond the ordinary. The food service? Think impeccable with a sprinkle of passion, thanks to a staff that’s not just serving but radiating pure joy. Now, brace yourself for the menu—a tantalizing array of treats, from delicate pastries to decadent cakes and artisanal chocolates. Each dessert is more than a sweet. It’s a genuine masterpiece, crafted to not just tantalize but utterly mesmerize your taste buds, taking your sweet indulgence to dizzying heights.

Pints of Joy – Serving Ice Cream and Frozen Yogurt

#2: 717 E El Camino Real Ste 6 Sunnyvale CA 94087

The atmosphere is a lively fusion of warmth and playfulness, creating a space that’s like a cozy gathering of friends. Picture a casually vibrant setting decked out with bursts of color and an inviting ambiance that serves as the perfect backdrop for an unabashed dessert extravaganza.

But hold on tight because Pints of Joy is not your run-of-the-mill dessert joint—it’s a full-blown experience. The staff, radiating friendliness and passion, turns your visit into a flavorful escapade. The menu? It’s a treasure trove of tantalizing treats, from timeless ice cream sundaes to avant-garde frozen delights. Each dish is a masterpiece, a testament to the skillful art of crafting joy in a pint, offering a diverse array of flavors to cater to every palate.

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#3: BAMBU – Serving Juices, smoothies, and Bubble Tea

189 W Washington Ave Sunnyvale, CA 94086

Picture yourself stepping into a chic and inviting haven where modern aesthetics seamlessly blend with a cozy atmosphere, setting the stage for an enchanting desert escapade. At BAMBU, it’s not merely a spot to satisfy your sweet cravings; it’s an entryway to the captivating world of Asian-inspired desserts.

Immerse yourself in a vibrant and flavorful world with options like Vietnamese che, chè bưởi, or signature milk teas adorned with delightful toppings. Each dessert at BAMBU is a true masterpiece, meticulously crafted to introduce you to the diverse and delicious universe of Asian sweets.

#4: Sweet Sicily – Serving Italian Desserts along with Coffee and tea

100 S Murphy Ave Sunnyvale, CA 94086

The moment you step through the door, you’re hit with a vibe that’s a delightful fusion of warmth and Mediterranean charm—like stumbling upon the coziest Sicilian pastry shop imaginable. It’s a haven of coziness, decked out in vibrant colors and displays of desserts that are practically calling your name, creating an inviting atmosphere that’s just begging for you to escape into sweetness.

Whether you’re a die-hard fan of traditional sweets or the adventurous type craving bold flavors, Sweet Sicily has something to satisfy every sweet tooth. And let’s be clear—from the first heavenly bite to the last, it’s not just about dessert; it’s a symphony of taste, a celebration of the fine art of indulgence. So, join us at Sweet Sicily for an evening where the inviting vibes, passionate service, and divine desserts converge to create a delightful dessert escapade right in the heart of Sunnyvale.

But hold onto your sweet tooth because Sweet Sicily is not just a dessert spot; it’s an experiential delight. The staff, fueled by a genuine passion for all things sweet, doesn’t just serve desserts; they’re your partners in crafting a flavorful journey with every visit.

#5: Tong Sui – Serving Desserts, Smoothies, and Bubble Tea

927 E Arques Ave Ste 151 Sunnyvale, CA 94085

Get embraced by the vibrant fusion of modern comfort and cozy charm at Tong Sui in Sunnyvale, CA—a stage set perfectly for your delightful dessert escapade. The dining journey at Tong Sui unfolds as a lively dance of inventive flair and genuine authenticity. Immerse yourself in a menu bursting with an enticing variety of treats, spanning classic tong sui desserts to inventive sweet masterpieces. Savor the rich warmth of red bean soup, bask in the sweet embrace of delicate dumplings, and be enchanted by the alluring notes of fruit-infused concoctions. Each dessert is a unique work of art, passionately crafted to deliver a delightful taste of Asian sweetness.

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