5 Best Restaurants for Dinner in Santa Clara

Top Dinner Restaurants in Santa Clara

Hey, foodies and famished folks! Get ready for a mouthwatering expedition through Santa Clara’s culinary scene. Dinner isn’t just about eating; it’s a full-blown experience waiting to be savored! From tantalizing Italian flavors at Il Fornaio to the aromatic delights of Burma Bistro and the vibrant tastes of Puesto Santa Clara, we’re diving into a world of diverse cuisines.  So if you’re looking for the best restaurants for dinner in Santa Clara, you’re in the right place!

Whether you’re craving authentic Korean dishes from Kunjip or the mouthwatering offerings at ToBang, these restaurants are more than just places to eat; they’re vibrant havens where flavors dance on your taste buds. Come along as we uncover the top spots in town where dinner isn’t merely a meal—it’s a memorable adventure in every bite.

#1: Il Fornaio

2752 Augustine Dr Ste 120, Santa Clara, CA

At Il Fornaio, Italian cuisine shines brightly, delivering both delightful dishes and an inviting atmosphere. It’s advisable to reserve a spot, especially for larger groups, as it’s a Thursday night hotspot. Don’t worry about space; they’ve got cozy tables for various group sizes.

Their menu is like a treasure chest, filled with an array of veggie and seafood options waiting to be explored. Don’t miss their scrumptious bruschetta and bread basket! While the prices lean a bit higher, the quality of the food and the inviting ambiance make it worthwhile. Parking nearby might be a challenge, but there’s a free 2-hour parking garage close by.

Diners rave about the Linguini Mare e Monte and the classic Margherita Pizza. Plus, the attentive service elevates the entire experience to feel like a touch of sophistication. If you’re in for a tech-meets-dining vibe, Il Fornaio might just be your jam!

#2: Burma Bistro

2135 El Camino Real, Santa Clara, CA

Burma Bistro, a longtime favorite among many, serves up delightful Burmese cuisine that’s remained consistently fantastic over the years. Nestled in a cozy wooden interior, the atmosphere is inviting and comforting, though some background music could add to the vibe.

The Tea Leaf Salad, bursting with distinctive flavors and hefty servings, steals the spotlight. As for the Moh Hin Ga, a comforting noodle soup, its flavorful broth and delightful mix of textures hit all the right notes. Prices are fair, considering the generous portions that often result in take-home leftovers.

While some dishes may not hit the highest notes for everyone, the service shines bright with its friendly demeanor. The homely ambiance and decent parking make Burma Bistro a go-to for an affordable and comforting Burmese dinner.

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#3: Puesto Santa Clara

2752 Augustine Dr. Ste 110, Santa Clara, CA    

Picture this: Puesto Santa Clara, the ultimate fusion fiesta for Mexican and American flavor fans. Just a skip away from various tech hubs, this place is a magnet for the tech-savvy crowd. If you’re aiming to swing by, booking in advance is a smart move because, believe me, this spot is always alive and kicking!

The ambiance is like an energetic wave, and the moment you step in, the vibe pulls you into its fun whirlpool. The setup’s trendy, and it’s buzzing with that contagious zest that draws everyone in. Oh, and the food? Let’s just say it’s worth every last bite! They’ve got these chips and salsa that may not be free, but trust me, they’re an absolute hit!

Whether you’re into a carnitas bowl or three filet minion tacos, they’ll fill you up and leave you grinning ear to ear. Puesto’s got that magical combo of Mexican zest and American flair that’s got the whole town talking!

#4: Kunjip

1066 Kiely Blvd, Santa Clara, CA

Kunjip isn’t your average eatery; it’s like discovering a cozy hideaway offering comforting Korean dishes that feel like a warm embrace, especially on chilly days. Nestled within a bustling plaza, patience might be key to securing a table during peak hours, but believe me, the wait pays off.

Their Seol Leong Tang is a real crowd-pleaser – think tender beef, a flavorful broth with a balance of green onions and egg, plus a generous serving of noodles and meat. Feeling daring? The ox tail soup is a hit, too, especially if you’re into richer, collagen-packed broths.

The Galbi Tang is like a hidden treasure in a plain bowl – deceptively simple but packed with rich, comforting flavors. Amidst the hustle and bustle, the inviting atmosphere sets the stage for a truly enjoyable dining experience. Don’t skip out on trying Kunjip; it’s a gem waiting to be discovered!

#5: ToBang

1052 Kiely Blvd, Santa Clara, CA

ToBang may not scream “fancy” at first glance, but trust me, this place is a diamond in the rough. Don’t fret about it not being all-you-can-eat; the food and service are stellar enough on their own. The décor might not win awards, but you’ll be too busy devouring the delicious meat and enjoying the lightning-fast service.

The warm and attentive staff, especially the lovely ahjummas, make you feel right at home. The banchan is delightful, and the beef quality is top-notch. Even though it’s not all-you-can-eat, the portions are generous and leave everyone satisfied. It’s a cozy spot that’s been consistently great over the years.

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