5 Fun Things to Do in Campbell

Fun Things to Do in Campbell

Ready to spice up your time in Campbell, California? Prepare for a whirlwind of fun! From nature strolls along the serene Los Gatos Creek Trail to retail therapy at The Pruneyard Shopping Center, Campbell’s got your back for an entertaining experience. Fancy a peek into history? The Ainsley House awaits! Plus, dive into the vibrant Campbell Farmers Market for farm-fresh goodies or catch a show at the Heritage Theatre. Whatever your vibe – whether it’s a leisurely walk, a shopping spree, a historical journey, or a cultural spectacle – Campbell’s got an exciting array of activities to make your day a blast!

#1: Los Gatos Creek Trail – Enjoy the Pleasant View and Workout

1250 Dell Ave, Campbell, CA

Dive into an adventure along the Los Gatos Creek Trail, where the vibes are as vibrant as the path itself! Whether you’re biking, strolling, or jogging, this trail’s got your back. Starting at Meridian Ave, it’s a paved paradise, but watch out near Hwy 17 – it turns into some “rough gravel” fun! Take a breather by the Vasona Lake fishing pier, where the canoe club’s all action, and the fish are putting on a show. For dog-walking enthusiasts, the shaded trail near Purple Onion Cafe is a bark-worthy haven. With generous parking and a mix of flat paths and uphill jaunts, it’s the perfect place for a quick hike or a leisurely family outing. Trust me, this trail spells fun and adventure for everyone!

#2: The Pruneyard Shopping Center – A Heaven for Shopaholics   

1875 S Bascom Ave, Campbell, CA

The Pruneyard Shopping Center, a pocketful of fun tucked away in Campbell, is the go-to spot for an all-around good time! From groceries to sporting goods, it’s a wonderland where you can shop, dine, and hang with friends. Sure, parking is a bit of a treasure hunt, but every spot is a gateway to some cool shop or a Boba haven. Weekdays at Pruneyard? Always buzzing! Made some epic memories here and even scored lifelong buddies. Luna Mexican Kitchen, Teaspoon for Boba, the charming garden shop – they’re my jam. Plus, it is kid-friendly with a small play area! It’s spruced up, new eateries and shops jazz it up, and the only gripe? The waiting game at Luna. Otherwise, it’s a solid spot for a fun-filled day!

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#3: Ainsley House – Visit and Learn the City’s History

300 Grant St, Campbell, CA

Step into the Ainsley House, tucked downtown in Campbell, for a cool time travel experience! The folks running the show here are super filled with awesome tales about this rad old home. Around Christmas, this place goes full of jingle bells! Each room’s decked out differently – it’s like stepping into a festive dream. And there are these two special nights where you can snag cool stuff from the gift shop and munch on yummy appetizers with some wine – pretty magical!

The Ainsley House, in its Tudor-style vibe, takes you back to early 20th-century living. Think fancy architecture, classy furniture, and mad attention to detail. The peeps here share wicked cool stories about the Ainsley family and the hood’s past. The gardens? Totally serene for a chilled-out walk. It’s like living their lifestyle, from the chic kitchen to cozy bedrooms. Totally homey vibes!

#4: Campbell Farmers Market – The Freshest Produce Out There!

231 E Campbell Ave, Campbell, CA

The Campbell Farmers Market is an absolute blast! Open every Sunday from 9 AM to 1 PM, this spot is a total jackpot for all your needs. Wanna load up on veggies and fruits? You got it! They’ve got eggs, flowers, dog treats, fresh-baked bread, salami, and, hey, even kombucha for that funky twist!

The food game here is a rockstar – imagine Detroit-style pizza that’ll make your taste buds dance, super tasty corn, Asian BBQ, Mexican treats, and even French pastries that are just divine.

Stepping back into this market felt like reuniting with an old friend! It’s THE place for the community vibe and quality goods. From farm-fresh produce to the most tempting lunch bites, this place is a foodie’s paradise. With such a vibrant mix of options and top-notch quality, this market is a real gem that holds a special spot. But hey, pro tip: if you’re rolling in late, skip the Second Street Parking Garage – it’s a maze. Opt for the First Street Parking Garage, a breeze across the road, and a scenic walk by the Campbell water tower.

#5: Heritage Theatre – Experience a Live Play

1 W Campbell Ave, Campbell, CA

The Heritage Theatre is part of the Campbell Community Center – is actually a fun spot! Inside, it’s pretty cozy – strong AC and clean bathrooms (a real win). I was hoping for snacks during the break, but no luck. Luckily, the gas station nearby bailed us out with drinks and snacks.

The seats? Well, they’re alright, but a bit snug and creaky. The place has an old-school charm, you know, not modern but full of character. Oh, and they’ve got this cool fountain outside, perfect to distract any restless kiddos.

A little touch-up wouldn’t hurt, but overall, it’s a laid-back spot for a good laugh and a chilled time!

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