5 Fun Things to Do in Santa Clara

Hey there, Santa Clara fans! Brace yourselves for an absolute blast because Santa Clara is here to sprinkle some serious fun your way! Nestled in California’s lively landscape, this sun-kissed city is a true hub of excitement and amusement.

Get your heart racing at California’s Great America, or gear up for some sports action at Levi’s Stadium. Dive into a world of artistry at the Triton Museum of Art or hop aboard a historical journey at the South Bay Historical Railroad Society. And, of course, a trip to Santa Clara wouldn’t be complete without stepping into the iconic Mission Santa Clara, where history and culture blend seamlessly.

With its mix of heart-pounding adventures and historical marvels, Santa Clara caters to every taste and interest.

#1: Visit One of America’s Best Theme Parks, California’s Great America

4701 Great America Pkwy, Santa Clara, CA

California’s Great America, or GA, isn’t just an amusement park; it’s a year-round adventure wonderland! With their Gold Passes, you can experience the park’s thrill during summer, fall (Halloween), and winter. Talk about value for money! The atmosphere is family-oriented and secure, especially during Halloween trick-or-treating and Winterfest. Evenings at GA feel safe, and the crowd is vibrant with young families.

The Winterfest ice skating show is a highlight! We watched it last year and again this year—both shows were spectacular. The performances were top-notch, showcasing a different production each year. Winterfest itself is a visual treat with ice skating, singing reindeer, snow, dazzling lights, and a magical Christmas tree lighting near the carousel.

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#2: Visit the Historical Site of Mission Santa Clara

500 El Camino Real, Santa Clara, CA

Looking for some fun in Santa Clara? Mission Santa Clara should top your list! This place isn’t just your average church—it’s got character! Imagine getting hitched here, feeling like a VIP because you’re part of the Santa Clara University crew. If you’re an alum, student, or part of the faculty, lucky you! They make tying the knot affordable and hassle-free. No need to go overboard on decorations; the mission’s already drop-dead gorgeous! It’s like a history book came to life—one built right after the country itself! Stroll through its halls and soak up the stories. Oh, and don’t forget the museum nearby—more history nuggets await! Whether you’re into history spirituality or just love intriguing spots, swing by. You might even recognize it from a music video! So, strike a pose and make memories at this iconic spot.

#3: Learn More About Technology through the Intel Museum

2200 Mission College Blvd, Santa Clara, CA

Now, are you looking for a byte-sized adventure in Santa Clara? Check out the Intel Museum! It’s a tech lover’s dream wrapped in a futuristic design. Despite its cozy 10,000 square feet, it’s packed with mind-blowing displays that don’t make you feel squished. Get ready for a silicon chip crash course—I left feeling like a tech whiz! From the evolution of chips to interactive demos like 4G vs. 5G and AR fun, it’s a tech playground! Plus, catch some Pokémon Go action while diving into computing marvels. The tour’s a gem, revealing chip history, and the kiddos? They’ve got hands-on fun, too. Don’t miss the souvenirs at the shop—time here is tech-tacular!

#4: Learn More about History through the South Bay Historical Railroad Society

1005 Railroad Ave, Santa Clara, CA

Looking for a choo-choo good time in Santa Clara? Look no further than the South Bay Historical Railroad Society! It’s a free, funky museum that’s an absolute treat for train enthusiasts. Parking’s a bit tight, but hey, there’s a secret spot nearby with 2-hour free parking—keep an eye out for the Starbucks. Now, this place may seem small, but trust me, it’s jam-packed with model trains and cool artifacts that’ll make your inner train nerd rejoice. These folks live and breathe trains, and it shows! We stumbled upon an old Ohio clock—talk about a hidden gem! The volunteers inside? It is super friendly and overflowing with train trivia. Psst, don’t miss the model railroad layout and the quirky Harriman standard switching tower nearby. Just check their hours online before you roll in.

#5: Catch a Game or a Show at the Levi’s Stadium

4900 Marie P Debartolo Way, Santa Clara, CA

Levi’s Stadium is where the magic happens! Picture this: the buzz of a preseason game, charging toward the stadium with the promise of a thrilling night ahead. Sure, parking might need a little trek, but hey, that just adds to the pre-game fun, right? Tailgating galore, cheers, and the Friday evening vibes set the tone. The gates open, and bam! You’re in—stunning views, especially from Section 413! Even though my ticket was for the visitors’ side, I explored every nook, snapping pics and soaking in the NFL aura. The sunset views were a bonus and the stadium? Top-notch! Seats, vibes, and that epic horn blast upon touchdowns felt like setting sail on a cruise. Despite being preseason, the energy from 49ers fans was electrifying! Now, the food? It’s pricey, but the variety’s a touchdown. And leaving? Smooth sailing outta there. So, if you’re in for football and an awesome stadium vibe, Levi’s is where it’s at!

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