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I showed a townhome today to some clients . “What did the listing agent tell you about this place?” they asked. “Nothing,” I replied, “he didn’t call me back.” That’s not too uncommon, I explained – listing agents have a habit of not calling people back, at least 10-20% of the time. Often times, it’s because there’s already an offer in on the house, or it’s about to be withdrawn, etc. But in this case, I think I can guess. Stuck to a couple of windows, I found this sticker:


A nice service representative from Fidelity National Field Services, Inc. had dropped by to change the locks. Actually, they only changed one lock, the side door – they removed the dead-bolt, and added a second door knob in its place (weird, didn’t get a picture of that). There was also a slip of paper on the entry way floor saying that the field rep had come by, and that the owner should contact Washington Mutual.

Well that’s a fine “Welcome Home” isn’t it?

Actually, the townhouse was vacant, so I don’t think anyone’s going to get the message. But this explains why the listing agent didn’t bother to call me back – it’s probably not really his listing anymore, but it’s still on the MLS. Looks like there’ll be another REO foreclosure listing hitting the MLS in a few weeks or months. Sigh.

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