[M08/S08] Active Real Estate Marketing

Active Real Estate Marketing

In addition to all the traditional marketing methods that most Realtors employ, I take the marketing of your home up a few notches. In addition to all the traditional – or passive – marketing methods employed by your average real estate agent, I use active real estate marketing to get your home sold quickly and to the best buyer.

Instead of just waiting for buyers to come, I go to the buyers: calling on and knocking on your neighbor’s doors, to see if anyone knows someone who wants to buy in the neighborhood. I’ll also make calls into the area, reaching out to make sure folks are aware that your property is on the market, and to see if they might know someone who is interested in buying it. Ā This is what is known as reverse prospecting, and it’s something few agents do because of the time involved in.

Also, the MLS allows me to see which agents have set up searches for buyers of homes that match your general criteria in terms of location, price, size, etc. Ā I am able to both email and call these agents to make sure they’ve seen the listing.

And I don’t stop there. Also, I personally contact other top-performing agents in the area to make sure they are aware your home is for sale, and that they understand both its features and the benefits that they bring to their buyer clients, and that they are aware of the open house events we’ll be having so they can send their buyers by.

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