Best Schools in San Jose

Evergreen Valley High School

If you’re wondering about the best schools in San Jose, you’re in the right spot. San Jose, with its techy vibe and mix of folks, hosts some top-notch schools. We’ve got everything from hip public schools to fancy private ones – a little something for everyone’s taste and learning style.

So, let’s talk about what makes these schools rock and why they’re the go-to gems in San Jose.

Branham High School

1570 Branham Lane, San Jose, CA

Branham High School is a standout in San Jose when it comes to education. With a 94% four-year high school graduation rate, it’s clear that students here are on the right track. What’s more impressive is that 71% of the graduates meet the UC/CSU entrance requirements, which isn’t an easy feat.

When it comes to preparing for college, Branham High is doing something right – 87% of their 11th graders are hitting the mark for SAT college readiness. Their test scores are way above the state average, showing that most students are not just getting by but excelling.

With an overall rating of 9 out of 10, Branham High School is certainly making its mark as a top school in San Jose.

Evergreen Valley High School

3300 Quimby Road, San Jose, CA

Evergreen Valley High School in San Jose is more than just a public school; it’s a thriving community of learners. With nearly 3,000 students, it boasts an impressive 98% four-year high school graduation rate. The school shines when it comes to preparing students for higher education, with 76% of its graduates meeting the UC/CSU entrance requirements and 83% of 12th graders ready for college according to SAT scores.

What makes Evergreen Valley High stand out is how the teachers and admin are all about it. They give a hoot about the students and hustle non-stop to hook them up with the chances they need, in and out of class. It’s like this spot where kids from every corner link up, soak in knowledge, and level up into awesome, driven folks, shooting for their personal best.

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Bagby Elementary School

1840 Harris Avenue, San Jose, CA

Bagby Elementary School stands out in San Jose for its strong sense of community and commitment to teaching kids about responsibility and resilience. The teachers here are like the perfect blend of smarts and excitement in class. They’re not just well-trained and experienced; they’re genuinely excited about teaching, which makes a big difference.

Bagby is a top-rated school because parents get involved in all sorts of school-related stuff, giving a team-effort vibe. The school’s like a smoothly running engine, always working hard to do right by the kiddos. Children leave Bagby not just academically prepared for middle school but also socially adept.

The teachers give good vibes, and with the Bagby families in the mix, the school becomes this super cozy place for kids to grow confident, socially aware, and smart.

Hammer Montessori at Galarza Elementary School

1610 Bird Avenue, San Jose, CA

Hammer Montessori at Galarza Elementary School in San Jose sets itself apart with its welcoming environment. Right from the get-go, you’ll notice how approachable and available the teachers and staff are, always making time for parents.

They’ve taken a unique approach with their Parent-Teacher Association, transitioning to a non-profit organization. This change shook things up, especially with the awesome programs they’re bringing to the school now.

The kids here get to have a fun learning experience. In the past few years, they’ve been published authors, turned into mad scientists, and even trained as opera singers through the Starting Arts program. One of the best things about Hammer Montessori is how many chances there are for families to dive into the school community.

Hacienda Science/Environmental Magnet School

1776 Edal Park Dr. , San Jose, CA

Hacienda Science/Environmental Magnet School in San Jose is a standout place for kids to learn, especially if you’re into science and the environment. The school makes sure that the parents are involved. They keep parents in the loop with weekly updates and additional info for special events. Getting the kids outside for class is a cool way to make learning exciting.

The staff and teachers at Hacienda are awesome – super dedicated and caring about the students. They manage to make science interesting and easy to understand. And here’s the best part – the homework isn’t overwhelming. It’s usually just a worksheet and some reading.

The teachers here make sure everyone understands why taking care of the environment is such a big deal these days. It’s not your average school; it’s more like a spot where learning is a total breeze.


San Jose’s got schools offering top-notch education, awesome teachers, and programs that grab your attention. Whether science, art, or environment-related subjects, these schools are not just sticking to the basics. Instead, they are getting students ready for whatever comes their way.

Schools in San Jose are diverse. This means that you can enroll your kids in a school that matches their needs and interests.

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