Carlton Elementary School

Carlton Elementary School in San Jose

Situated in the heart of San Jose, Carlton Elementary School stands as a model of scholastic excellence and a nurturing environment for students from Kindergarten to fifth grade. With a student-teacher ratio that ensures personalized attention, the school prides itself on fostering an environment where children can thrive academically and personally.

A Glimpse into Carlton Elementary

Carlton Elementary School, located at 2421 Carlton Avenue, San Jose, CA 95124, is a vibrant learning community anchored in academic rigor and a commitment to the holistic development of students. The school’s mission, “to enrich the community through learning”, underscores its dedication to preparing students for lifelong learning and productive citizenship.

Academics at Carlton: Soaring Beyond Expectations

Carlton Elementary School boasts an impressive academic record, with students consistently scoring well above the state average on standardized tests. According to state data, an impressive 84% of students are proficient in math and 81% in reading. These scores reflect the rigorous academic programs and the high-quality teaching provided at the school.

A Closer Look at Academic Progress

Carlton Elementary School understands that academic success is not just about achieving high test scores, but also about making substantial academic progress year after year. Data shows that students at Carlton are making more academic progress compared to their peers in other state schools. This strong progress, coupled with high test scores, indicates that Carlton students possess robust academic skills and are making larger gains than their peers at other schools.

Test Scores: A Testament to Excellence

Test scores at Carlton Elementary are far above the state average, indicating that most students at this school are performing at or above grade level. This impressive performance is a testament to the school’s commitment to academic rigor and high standards of teaching and learning.

Equity: Bridging the Achievement Gap

One of the core values at Carlton Elementary is ensuring equity in education. The school is proud of its success in closing the achievement gap, with underserved students performing far better than other students in the state.

Race and Ethnicity at Carlton

At Carlton Elementary, diversity is celebrated, with students from various racial and ethnic backgrounds contributing to a rich and vibrant school community. The school is committed to fostering a positive culture that helps all students thrive.

Support for Low-Income Students and Students with Disabilities

Carlton Elementary understands that equitable education means providing support and resources to all students, including those from low-income families and students with disabilities. The school has implemented various programs and initiatives to ensure that these students have the necessary support to achieve their academic potential.

The Carlton Faculty: Shaping Future Leaders

The teaching staff at Carlton Elementary is a group of dedicated professionals committed to providing the highest quality education to their students. 100% of the full-time teachers at Carlton are certified, and the majority have 3 or more years of experience. This wealth of experience and expertise contributes to the school’s success in delivering a high-quality education.

Beyond The Classroom: Carlton’s Community Classes and Events

Carlton Elementary believes in fostering a sense of community and offers an array of classes and events outside the regular curriculum. These activities provide opportunities for students to explore new interests, develop additional skills, and build strong relationships with their peers.

Carlton Elementary: A Hub for Parental Involvement

Parents play an integral role in the Carlton community. They are encouraged to get involved in various school activities, from volunteering for events to participating in the Home & School Club. This active parent involvement contributes to a supportive and engaged school community.

Carlton’s Awards and Recognition

Carlton Elementary’s commitment to academic excellence and equity has earned it numerous accolades and recognition. The school’s high ranking has made it eligible to display a U.S. News Best Elementary Schools award badge, a testament to its commitment to providing high-quality education to all its students.


Carlton Elementary School is more than just a school; it’s a community dedicated to nurturing and educating the next generation of leaders. With its strong academic programs, dedicated faculty, and commitment to equity and inclusivity, Carlton Elementary is indeed a beacon of academic excellence and a model for other schools.

Contact Carlton Elementary School to learn more about their programs and community.

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